Budda Mark Nason MN-100 Guitar Amplifier Overview

Budda Amplification proudly introduces the Budda MN-100 head and MN-412 cabinet, a fully featured three-channel tube guitar amplifier head and 4×12 enclosure, featuring a custom Italian leather exterior by renowned footwear designer Mark Nason. The […]

Orange TT15 Tiny Terror

Orange Tiny Terror Review

“Lunchbox” guitar amps are all the rage, and why not? They’re portable, can drive just about anything, and are great for recording. Orange was one of the first companies to see the merits of the […]

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Line 6 DT50 Guitar Amplifier Review

DT50 marks a new breed of amplifier—not just for Line 6, but for all of us. Their remarkable new amp builds a new relationship between classic (and in this case very modern) boutique-style amplifier design […]

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Vox AC30C2 Guitar Amplifier Video Demo

It’s not just the notes you play, it’s the tone you choose. Since 1959, thousands of guitarists have chosen the VOX AC30 for an authentic, honest, style-defining sound. For the purist, Vox offer the all-tube […]