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September 29th, 2009–Gear-Vault’s 2nd Birthday is today! To make it fun, we are giving away some really cool prizes–including T-shirts, Guitar Strings, pair of Dot On Shaft Humbucker Guitar Pickups, Distortion and Fuzz pedals… and a Dean Vendetta Electric Guitar!

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Simple! All you have to do to is be 1 of the 10 lucky winners to receive one of these cool prizes–simply leave a comment below stating what your favorite guitar riff (or song) is–and why.

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Dean Vendatta Guitar!

    • 2nd prize: Set of DOS Carparelli Humbucker Pickups


    • 3rd Prize: MXR M-115 Distortion III Pedal


    • 4th prize: EHX Little Big Muff Fuzz Pedal


    • 5th prize: Fender T-shirt + 3 sets of DosWyres


    • 6th prize: Dot on Shaft T-shirt + 3 sets of DosWyres


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We’re going to run the giveaway for 60-days. We want to give everyone a chance to participate and win some of this really cool stuff. End date is November 30th 2009.

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  1. My favorite riff in the past few years would have to belong to “The Black Keys” and the song Thickfreakness.

    I’ve been playing guitar for 17 years. I’ve always been the rhythm guitarist that could do some fancy picking when needed. I never wanted to learn the solos because i thought they were just showing off.

    I randomly came across The Black Keys and this was the first thing I heard. Thick Fuzzed out Blues going Balls to the Wall and never stopping. I felt like I was sent back to the 70’s. EVerything I could want in a guitarist Dan Auerbach delivers.

    Since hearing them I have dedicated myself to learning lead guitar riffs and realizing that guitar is more than I ever thought it was. A powerful thick lead tone can do soooo much more than I ever imagined. I’ve become a man obsessed with bettering myself and my playing.

    If that isn’t a inspiration, I don’t know what is. His tone, playing and style has changed the way I look at guitar. It’s blues in all it’s simplistic beauty.

  2. Dance, Dance, Dance by The Beach Boys. I’m currently really enjoying the work of the Beach Boys. This a very interesting and complex riff, especially at the key change. And there was no hi gain amps back then, so the riff is just out there and you got it or you don’t.

  3. My favorite riff was from the intro of Megadeth’s Tornado of Souls. i never liked metal back then, but when i listened to that song, it opened up a door to a new genre for me. I’m more of a blues, straight up rock and roll guitarist, and that riff made me appreciate metal as well. The solo in that songs is also just perfect.

  4. I’m torn between “we’ve had enough” by alkaline trio and “astro zombies” by the misfits! Both are powerful and roaring, but one hearkens back to the glory days of rock and roll while other us full steam ahead punk riffsge complete with octave chords. I love it!

  5. My favorite riff is the Allman Brother’s “One Way Out.” Bluesy masterpiece. It’s got the blues but also it’s got a complex depth to it to keep the soloing interesting and the song rolling along, no matter how long it gets. It’s difficult to pick a favorite riff out of so many good ones but I think I like that one that best.

  6. Great riffs so far, I am actually surprised by some of the favorites as they are extremely underrated. Today I sought out some songs that I haven’t listen to in forever. 🙂


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  7. One of my favorite riffs has to be the main guitar riff from Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild”.
    I remember just learning to play guitar and seeing the video on MTV and being in love with the attitude and style. It made me want to ROCK!

  8. There are so many!!! The opening riff to “Little Wing”.So smooth and haunting.Never get tired of it,I prefer the SRV version but either him or Jimi fills the void in my soul.Absolutly epic!!

  9. In The Flesh – Pink Floyd (but any Pink Floyd song will work).

    The only reason why I starting to play the guitar is because of Pink Floyd; that and my dad saying that I can’t have a guitar.

  10. My favorite riff has got to be the double-stop riff made famous by Chuck Berry in “Johnny B. Goode” and other songs. It’s since been used in countless other rock songs, and people like Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, and Steve Jones, have all made it an inherent part of their style and sound.

  11. Brian May’s Guitar Extravagance is an awesome song with that I’ve been digging for a few months now. Found out that he’s done some indie work and got a couple of his cd’s to check out. awesome music! hope to be playing again after 3 surgeries soon….. just started back first part of this year

    best of luck to all entrants!!!!


  12. My favorite riff is the opening of The Rolling Stones’ Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. Why? Because it’s an ultra cool open-G riff and it’s catchy enough to hook Shamu!

    Thanks heaps for the giveaway chance.

  13. hey mr.Sandman, it’s been along time. Well my favorite riff/song would have to be the metal classic “Master of Puppets” I mean come on, i know people how absolutly hate metal music and can appreciate the perfect structure and chord progressions in Master. Not to mention how it change an entire gendre of metal and hard rock and spawned a video filled responce of covers done by everyone from harp players to keyboard player and from garage bands to pro’s. Every riff in this song makes someone wanna pick up a guitar and play. if anything this song deserves the prizes itself, but puppets has enough awards so I’ll take one on behalf, lol. Take care everyone


  14. the outro riff from sabbath’s warpigs, it’s a simple melody, but catchy, and heavy at the same time.

  15. My favortie riff of all time would have to be the bridge riff from Dead Embryonic Cells by Sepultura. Super simple, yet brutal.

  16. My favourite song is Man in the Box by Alice in Chains. NOBODY can beat Laynes vocals. Not only that but it has a super catchy riff too!

  17. my fav…. would be Holy wars by Megadeth from the album Rust in peace…. actually the whole album is really challenging…….. what i like about Holy wars is that the riffs and timings are so unpredictable and still they sound so great. The solos the riffs the acoustic part all of them is great. will be a great exercise if you can play the whole song ………..

  18. well to me the song Through the Fire and Flames is one of my favorites because of all of the different solo’s in the song. Reaaly cool song and (solo'(s)

  19. for me the best song and riff is “master of puppets” by Metallica

    which in my opinion is a masterpiece song !!! since the time i heard it i got so

    inspired and since then i started learning to play the guitar 😀

    the interlude as well has a lot of feel to it

    and the solo is damn fast and sweet !

  20. my favorite riff would have to be the solo from joe satriani’s song “crushing day”. i think that is the only solo that he actually wrote and didnt improvise. he said he wrote it while sitting down and thats the only way he can play it. he rarely plays it live but when he does he has to practice it before hand and has to sit down to play it. its a song im still trying to learn.

  21. It’s got to be ‘Money For Nothing’ by Dire Straights. Something about that sound, that riff that just screams “Rock and Roll” to me!

    The tone is so right, the riff has attitude, and its a classic!!

  22. After I have heard the song through the fire and flames by Dragonforce and all of the solo’s in the song it inspired me to plat the electric guitar:) actually, also because of the guitar hero game i tried this song and failed(i know it’s not the real thing) if would be able to win this guitar i would definately learn this song:)

  23. My all-time favorite licks are the turnarounds in
    Drive My Car by The Beatles and Gimme Three Steps by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    Listen to them A vs B and then play them over and over – they’re amazingly different yet similar.

    Both good ones to know.

  24. JIMI HENDRIX – ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER is probably the most inspiring track to me and i bet it also is other peoples favourite and of course Chords of life from JOE SATRIANI , but i think i go with the first since joe satriani learnd from HENDRIX , all two tracks are great but i go for ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER !!! greetings everybody.

  25. One of my most favorite riffs ever is the riff right after de clean intro of Hallowed be thy Name from Iron Maiden, it has a kind of a swinging sound just like someone pushing or pulling you, besides that all of that song’s riffs are great and excellent exercises even for warming up. This can be only followed by Saxon’s Princess of the Night main riff, Megadeth’s Holy wars riffs, and Dokken’s Kiss of Death intro riffs, just pure musical steroids!

  26. My favorite guitar piece has always been from “To Be With You” by Mr. Big. The gentleness of it always stirs me, and it sounds simpler than it really is.

  27. My favorite riff is from the “Top Gun Anthem” by Steve Stevens and Harold Faltermeyer. Powerful and triumphant, this riff reminds me of American nationalism and what it means to be an American.

  28. Definitely the intro of “Unchained” by Van Halen. The tone is simply wonderful, and the writing is also fantastic. very catchy. The rest of the song is great too, to be expected from Van Halen. =)

  29. Tool >> 10,000 Days >> Jambi >> Adam Jones >> 4:09

    Although Adam Jones’s guitar starts out and remains very basic, in terms of note structure, during most of Jambi, the rhythmic use of a simplified guitar backing is aww amazing.

    To further, at 4:09 the song takes a drastic turn with the addition of a absolutely brilliant wah guitar solo. (perhaps a talk box as well some how?)

    One of the best songs of this millennium

  30. i forgot to say why im going for JIMI HENDRIX – ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER , the whole groove and rythm and then we dont even talk about the guitar yet 😛 1000 procent pure awesomeness , but the main riff is just mindblowin i dont even have words for it ( all the other riffs 2 😛 ), every time i hear this im just going insane ( in a good way) makes me wanna play my guitar even more

  31. My favorite song is “Voodoo Child” by no other than Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

    The riffs are pure blues and its amazing how he mixes it with the wah-wah bar.

    Truly a master piece from Jimi Hendrix.

  32. I really can’t pick just one favourite riff,I have 3:Little Wing,Voodoo Chile”Slight Return”,One Rainy Wish all by James Marshall Hendrix.Other than these I’ve always liked the opening riff of”Don’t Fear The Reaper”by Blue Oyster Cult,it’s so haunting and I like the way it drones on throughout the song

  33. My favorite band of all time is Pantera and my favorite song from them has to be flood.It has a really amazing sound to it and Dimebag Darrell puts alot of feeling into the song and it has the best solo ever it gives me the chills everytime i hear it it was one of the greatest solos all time.been playin for 6 years now took me about a month to completely finish the song and its 1 of my best. Also i would love to win the dean.

  34. My favorite intro riff has to be Ride the Lightning by Metallica, as soon as someone cracks out that riff everyone instantly knows what song it is. its power and that awesome wail note makes this song have a powerful enterance. This song also has my favorite solo done by my favorite guitarist of all time, Kirk Hammett. (I know somepeople have said that Dave Mustaine wrote Ride The Lightning, but the solo is definitly Kirk’s, it doesn’t sound like something Dave would write, so regardless of who wrote it, it is still my favorite).

  35. There are so many great riffs. My current fave is the solo from Room at the Top by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It’s so carefree and depressed at the same time.

  36. I have been learning guitar for a few months now and have just learnt Micheal Jackson – Beat it riff.. Awesome easy to learn sounds mint!

  37. My favorite riff right now is the begining of Black Sabbath’s “Into the Void” because like a lot of Iommi’s riffs.. it doesn’t have to be complicated to be HEAVY !!

  38. Very hard to choose a favorite out off all those great riffs, ive been playing guitar for a while and can play meny riffs but id have to say my favorite would have to be the john lord highway star organ solo performed on a guitar for meny reasons but all and all its a great part of a great song.

  39. I love the opening riff for Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles….I heard that Joe Walsh was just using it as a warm-up piece before a show, and when Don Henley and Glen Frey heard it they looked at each other and said “now that’s a song!”

  40. My favorite song is Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix because it’s the first song that I ever heard by him and from there I started listening to some of the greatest guitarist of all time like Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, ect.

  41. my favourite riff has got to be the main riff from immortally insane by pantera. its heavy, loud distorted, and pure dime! plus its played on a dean!

  42. I have to say my favourite riff is in the song white walls by still remains it is about 1.25 through, i think is an awesome riff and is absolutley wicked to play.
    It is one of my favourite songs ever and is a really catchy riff

  43. I would have to say my favorite riff is from Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” Hammett takes a solo and then Kirk does after the “Master, Master, wheres the dreams that i’ve been after?” part.

  44. My favorite song is Change of Seasons by Dream Theater. The song is long and patience can run low. However, the song explores an amazing array of emotion. I have never heard a song so completely represent human feeling and thought. The song is well written and the contrasts in the sections are amazing. It may not be influential. It may not be popular, but I don’t think I have ever heard a more complete song.

  45. Hard to say. Metallica’s “Master of puppets” intro riff comes to mind, though. I may not be a huge fan of ‘tallica but this is one of THE best examples of pure thrash. This riff is timeless. Awesome use of the diminished fifth, greath chunky sounds. Definitely one of the inspirations that I turn to when in need it to write my own music.

  46. Right now I’m feeling Message in a Bottle by The Police.
    Awesome sounding, easy to play.

  47. I am the night now color me black by priestess. intro is a bit long but the whole song is just this amazing riff that i could listen to over and over again

  48. my favorite riff is from back in black by ac dc…they way angus plays them he adds so much more then just plucking the strings. he adds his own swing onto it.

  49. One of my favorites has always been the intro to Since I’ve Been Loving You by Zeppelin. It always conveyed true sadness in my opinion.

  50. My favorite song is Megadeth’s Toronado of Souls!! because I feel that Dave (Mustane) is expressing what he feels about the world in that song!! I belive the it’s a blues song. And it touches deep parts of my soul. The guitar solos perfectly carry the message of giving up after giving all that one has to hope to for.

  51. For me, it’s gotta be the main lick in No Rain by Blind Melon.
    No matter how many times I hear it, it always manages to cheer me up, make me feel less serious about what I’m doing, reminds me to take five minutes to chill.
    Any riff that does that’s gotta be a good ‘un

  52. Favorite guitar riff: Traveling Riverside Blues by Led Zeppelin

    It’s just a fantastic example of using a classic blues riff in a heavy rock song. It’s the kind of music that gets you playing guitar and it just sounds so cool.

  53. I would have to say my absolute favirite has got to be One by Metallica it just brings back memories of Highschool my first guitar and fun time that fall by the wayside when you grow up and become an “adult”

  54. For me it’s got to be the intro riff of Money For Nothing, not one of Dire Straits’ best songs, but the combination of the nasal tone, off-beat timing and note choice it’s just perfect. Combine it with Terry Williams’ epic drum into at the Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley and it just gets even better!

  55. Best riff of all time has got to be Hair of the Dog by Nazareth. That riff has got to be dirtiest crunchiest riff ever. I still get the same punch in the stomach I got the first time I heard it. It sounds like a mid air collision in a hail storm. If you’ve never heard the fingertips of Manny Charlton tearing through your sterophonic speaker go now and listen!

  56. Though the band Staind has never been well-known for guitar licks, in recent years I’ve been looking more deeply into Mike Mushok’s techniques and abilities. I really do appreaciate his appropriateness in his choices much like the solo in Everything Changes.

  57. My favourite solo comes from the slice “Scream aim Fire” of Bullet for my Valentine, why? Since I like melodious solos fitting songs completely which are catchy perhaps nobody knows how she isn’t complicated, but in my opinion a solo is supposed to rely on it not too quickly not complicating but with the tact.

  58. Steve Vai’s intro to Yankee Rose – that was the day I nearly hung up my guitar for good. The whole talking guitar into bombastic riffdom = that redefined 80s guitar for me, and was a welcome antidote to the Neoclassical Metallers – it had feel, passion and a sense of humour.

  59. Tractor Pull by Within The Ruins; freakin love their style of music. Catchy riffs throughout the song

  60. Awaken The Dreamers by All Shall Perish; the solo is crazy, they can play fast and keep a good rythem

  61. Michael Angelo Batio – Speed Lives the best sweetpicking and shreding ever, best riffs, licks and solos!!!

  62. My favourite riff is probably the enter sandman riff great sound and fun to play plus its from the 80’s

  63. The chorus from Psychosocial by Slipknot. It’s a really cool sounding riff that is played under nice vocals. Or, Master of Puppets interlude solos, James’ and Kirk’s harmony sounds amazing!

  64. I honestly think Walk by Pantera is one of the greatest if not THE greatest song of all time. It has such a simple riff to it, not a complicated part by any means for anyone to learn, except the solo being Dime’s handiwork,and whenever people hear the starting two notes the world over they are instantly pumped up and ready to Rock Out.

  65. Crazy train by Ozzy osbourne because although it may not be the hardest riff it is a very cool sounding one

  66. My favorite riff would have to be “Birds of Fire” by Mahavishnu Orchestra. You can’t get much more bad-ass than that.

  67. i like a Gipson less paul it really the best instrument guitar invention that let the most of the best stars like mark knopfler peter frapton ….and so on fly with the spetial sound ( sustain -noisless-spacy sound)ful of impretions and insperations and even its nice sexy body .

  68. Agent Steel 144 000 gone just an epic song with epic riffage oldschool speed metal at its best

  69. my fovorite guitar riff is the ultimate sin by ozzy osbourne because its the title track from one of his most under rated albums, and the first riff is so heavy and powerful, it blows me away every time.

  70. I can’t say it’s my favorite of all time, but when it first debuted, *everyone* wanted to play it–hence the hundreds of YouTube covers of it. The riff I’m referring to is the intro of “God Knows” sang by Aya Hirano.

  71. There are plenty of amazing songs when it comes to rock music. However, very few are absolutely legendary. “Stairway to Heaven” has to be my choice, because of it’s amazing solo and obviously recognizable intro. A completely amazing song for every instrument.

  72. Mine favorite would have to be Walk This Way by Aerosmith. Shown to be instantly recognizable no matter which band is playing it, it is very catchy and versatile;be it as a Hard Rock song or a rap hybrid.

  73. Lovin the Black keys at the moment. Gotta be “i got mine” by those fellas, that opening riff is simple yet absolutely awesome. Bring back blues rock!

  74. The sentinel by Judas Priest. That song is jaw droppingly awesome. Best voice in metal(rob halford), and of course the riffing is absolutely godly!

  75. Randy Rhodes’ “Crazy Train” solo. This, for me, is definitive old-school Ozzy and brings me back to my child hood.

  76. Dio – Holy Diver
    Dio’s voice and the creepy intro and add the riff is just plain nostalgica from the 80’s

  77. my favorite guitar riff is the simple riff from “dazed and confused” because it just sounds like confused love.

  78. The verse of Angels Don’t Kill by COB. It’s just awesome and so metal, perfect melodeath riff, and also that harmonized guitars part that comes after that makes it even better.

  79. my favorite riff is the same as yours…its the part of the song you think of over and over day after day always as good as or better than the time before

  80. The solo Cowboys From Hell solo by Dimebag Darrell is my favorite. It picks me up and never fails to energize me. It’s a solid kick in the A$$!

  81. “Hellhounds On My Trail” by Children of Bodom. I think that its on of the sickest sounding songs ever, and definitely my favorite by far. The intro, chorus, and horror-breakdown riffs are 100% kickass metal, and then the light-speed solo right before the horror breakdown is pretty awesome. I give it a 3-thumbs up.

  82. my favorite riff is deffinetly aint talkin about love by van halen its just so choppy and perfect

  83. you know depanding to the kind of style you like to play you mostly need the right guitar plus some spetial effects to let your expretions comes real and attractive and as well has a fact for the audiance but there are some of the guitars that you can use to play a diffrents styles in my openion fender strato caster and guibson les paul are quite good enough to play your riffs in quite or good way to do the needs cause only proffetional who need to bay the right stuffs to make the sound more exact and sinificative because they know that they will be pyed for some how.

  84. Mayleen and The Sons Of Disaster “Dry the River”
    I just love the opening lick, it is simple but really drives.

  85. My favorite riff comes from the song Angels of Debauchery by WInds of Plague. It is the main riff, it sort of leads up to this clomax of sweep picking, that is just so brutal, yet sooo defined. That is why it is my favorite.

  86. My favorite intro would probably be to Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. Its a sweet intro and sounds great. If the singing was different that song would be great.

  87. My faverite song is “the Moor” by Opeth, because has a really unique sound that mixes death metal, folk metal, and blues together in an epic combo. (And i mean mortal kombat combo-ish, which is awesome).

  88. There are two major mainstays in the riff department that runs through rock on a constant basis. One is Chuck Berry’s constant riff..used in almost all of his songs, and the other is Bo Diddley’s constant riff, also used in almost all of his songs. “My favorite riff” would be Bo Diddley’s riff used in “Who Do You Love” also made famous by George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. The constant hard driving force of this riff drums into your head and never really leaves, like Chuck’s in “Johnny B. Good”, it’s unforgettable!

  89. Definitely “Bad to the bone,” as anyone can testify that after listening to it even once, one cannot get it out of their head. One of the catchiest riffs to come along ever, and has been considered a classic.

  90. My favorite guitar riff has got to be swallow the needle by acid drinkers. They’re just the most raw metal band there is, and the opening riff gets me pumped up.

  91. War Pigs – Black Sabbath

    The riff that starts approximately 6 minutes in that leads to the last solo.. Everything about it is just epic and has a really cool somber feel to it..

    Unforgettable song by an unforgettable band 🙂

  92. My fav would have to be Metallics’s “Seek and Destroy” opening riff,,,simple but very catchy and very cool,,,very metal!!!

  93. The intro to AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock”. Guaranteed to bring a whole stadium to its feet.

  94. I’d go for “Dire Straits – Money For Nothing”. A riff that sticks to the mind the whole day!

  95. The entire track of Private Investigations (from the Love Over Gold album) by Mark Knofler of Dire Straits.

  96. Muse- New Born. the song starts with a wonderful piano piece and explodes into a monstrous riff that just glides perfectly into a huge band moment. one of the most underrated riffs but surely one of the best.


  98. All time favorite guitar riff… The intro to ‘Pulmonary Archery’ by Alexisonfire. The first time I heard it, I was in love. And it was Alexisonfire forever after. It’s definitely not my favorite song ever, nor solo, but I’ve been listening to Alexonfire for quite a few years, and it’s all due to that beautiful intro.

  99. Plug In Baby by Muse. it’s such an earth-shattering riff, completely unlike anything else i’ve ever heard in a rock song. simply astounding.

  100. Also, just read this up there, but New Born by Muse is equally amazing. it rejects the rock n roll staple of pentatonic minor rock riffs, and just blasts you with a heavy, explosive dark fuzz.
    While we’re on the topic, “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse has an outro riff that demolishes stadiums.

  101. I really love the opening riff from “18 and Life” by Skid Row. This song came out back when I was just starting to play guitar. I’ve always loved it.

  102. During Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath at the 3:09 mark. The on going riff to the rest of the song (cranked up full volume of course) is pure tuned down heavy rock madness at its best. Slow and steady but beautifully powerful 🙂

  103. I really like Rush’s Spirit of the Radio intro riff. It sticks in my head for days every time I hear it.

  104. WELL, my favourite is ” Smell Like teens spirit” by NIRVANA.SIR KURT COBAIN who was himself a great guitar palyer & song writer of the time, i love the licks of song.

  105. The Best Riff is definitely the intro riff to “VII. About to Crash – Reprise” by Dream Theater. So Melodic yet powerful.

  106. unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold, because it comes is a very deep dark riff very hell-like metal riff but without that always rabid angry feel, it does have some of that but is also has some other feelings compressed in it like dispair and when teamed with the rythm guitar and drums it has no compairation, the song is also very good. It is the first riff i played on my guitar

  107. Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds To Mars. It is my favorite song and the riffs in the song is amazing, because it’s telling people to stop taking life so seriously and yet it also tells the world to start thinking of the most important things. It also tells you in the song that since life is a beautiful lie hopefully you wish in some way that you want to go back and change things that you regret or didn’t listen to. Life is just a game, some times you win, some times you lose. 😀

  108. Best riff? Probably Van Halen’s Ain’t talkin bout love..just because its so recognisable and catchy and timeless 🙂

  109. High Speed Dirt by Megadeth.

    The clean interlude towards the end of the song, blows my mind every time!

  110. soothsayer by buckethead, you just feel melon collie and sadness and you start to have like these wierd sad flashbacks, whell at least i do kind of sentimental. Buckethead is a very good guitarrist, he puts a lot of feelings in his songs.

  111. We got until now great guitar rifs and guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, etc… It’s really hard to choose a riff or a song because every song is unique and different with something distinctive on it. But If I got to choose one I will choose Eruption from Van Halen because it’s simply awesome and that had opened my horizons on the guitar world.

  112. There are so many amzaing riffs from many diffrent bands all memorable and made me want to learn guitar all the more. Nightrain by Guns N’ Roses such an increadible riff with so much warmth and clarity. Painkiller by Judas Priest that riff kills me every single time. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera such a catchey and hard hitting riff that just showed that the band meant business. But i have to say my all time favourite riff is Holy Wars By Megadeth That riff just showed how tight and agressive they were. and everysingle not on that song and record is crystal clear which just shows that Dave Mustain and Marty Friedman deserve to be were they are today.

  113. My favorite guitar riff of all time is without a doubt the riff in Metallica’s Master Of Puppets. This song is second to none and havinbg listend to that song for over 4 years I have not found any other guitar riff that sounds as insane as this one. The guitar riff in this song is so fast and heavy that it is easy to call it “the best heavy metal song of all time.” When I first listend to this song for the first couple of seconds I knew it would be my favorite song. The main reasons as to why this song has my favorite guitar riffs ever is that I didn’t really listen to heavy metal before i heard this song and just listening to it over and over is what made me start listening to heavy metal. The other reaon why it is my favorite guitar riff of all time is that the cool sound of the guitar is what made me decide to learn how to play the guitar, so that I could be able to make such amazing riffs as this one. This is my favorite guitar riff and I am pretty sure I’m not the only one thinks of this song as “the best”. This song will never get old.

  114. Romance is Dead – Parkway Drive

    Starts in the last 1m45s with a faint tapping solo the explodes into the final lead run. The guitar is literally crying, and the tapping is still in the back creating an atmosphere. Quite simply its heavy, deep, powerful, and its definitely metal! You can feel it when you play it too (I should test it on a certain Dean Vetta 😉

    keep rockin everyone

  115. Pink Floyd Comfortably numb- such an awsome song, and when you play it with a backing track you really merge with the song. incredible.

  116. Supernaut by Black Sabbath.It’s an extremely energetic song about (I think) drugs. It’s exactly the kind of song you want to hear when you’re in a really good mood. The main riff is awesome, and the solos make the song incredible. There’s a great guitar solo by the capable Tony Iommi and even an entertaining drum solo by Bill Ward. I suspect that it’s Sabbath’s answer to the accusations of the time that they couldn’t play. Steve Huey of All Music Guide said “the crushing “Supernaut” is one of the heaviest tracks the band ever recorded.” Enough said

  117. ive got alot but the latest.. im loving the riff played by Joe Satriani in Chickenfoot ‘Oh Yeah’.. the riff,its so catchy got a bluesy feel to it i love that tone delivered in that riff

  118. I would have to say hands down the solo from Crazy Train Randy Rhodes was is and forever will be one of the greatest guitar GODS of all time.

  119. Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

    It’s just the best song, awsome riffs with a amazing solo, this song is totaly born to be the ‘ 1 ‘

  120. My favorite riff would have to be the end solo of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix. I can actually sing along with it, it’s that good.

  121. I thought about this more and wanted to leave two nominees. First, I send the comments about Chuck Berry and agree with the choice of Johnny B. Goode (not to forget the duck walk). Second, I want to nominate Jimmy Page for his breakthrough performance on Whole Lotta Love. In my opinion, each of these particular guitar performances significantly changed the character of rock and roll. Both left life long impressions on me and I continue to listen to each of them till this day.

  122. I like “Burn” by Deep Purple. It is very powerful, and many metal guitarists will do a cover of “Burn”, also Ritchie Blackmore was known for making very awesome riffs. They will stay in your head for a very long time, and Ritchie Blackmore solos like there is no tomorrow. He is the original heavy metal/neoclassical guitarist. So it only makes sense that the guitar riff from “Burn” is the best riff in guitar history. PERIOD.

  123. Muddy Waters, Rollin’ Stone, because it’s so steady and rythmic, with just the right balance of dirty/sweet, he keeps it simple with lots of style.

  124. Andy Mckee’s “Drifting” is an awesome song,,,I love the technique and the rhythm of the riff,,,he is an exceptionally great guitar player…

  125. Mark Knopfler’s Love Over Gold – melody, emotion, dynamics (actual volume ranges instead of off/on), long and evolving – a guitar masterpiece.

  126. composure by august burns red, because it has a good sounding,complex guitar part and its a good song:)

  127. Probably The Beautiful People by Marlyn Manson

    Its just such a heartfelt riff. It really fits the message… and it just sounds awesome.

  128. My favorite guitar riff will always be the intro to Purple Haze by Hendrix, right after the Wah Wah mute chops, that legendary riff leading to a half hour insane blues and rock jam in E..

  129. “Pantera – Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills” because it just has something very weird but still very beautiful and lovely. Old slimy Underground-Pantera! \,,/ Works for me!!

  130. My favorite riff is The Star-Spangled Banner – Played by Jimi Hendrix ! And it is my favorite riff because it is The National Anthem of the good ole United States of America ! And I am proud to be USA number one !

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