Fight Club: Big Amps vs. Little Amps 1

Fight Club: Big Amps vs. Little Amps

There seems to be an awful lot of interest these days in tube amps that put out lower amounts of power, especially in more boutique, cork-sniffing circles. Just about every amp company has some kind of lunchbox-sized head or ankle-biter combo that puts out five to fifteen watts of power, it appears, and many players are taking the bait and paying top bucks for these little guys. Devotees of these things claim that “five watts is plenty to gig with” and they are more than able to hang with a drummer. READ THE STORY AT GEAR-VAULT […]

history of marshall amplifiers

History of Marshall Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall is to guitar amps what Fender is to guitars. The legacy that the company has left has few rivals and it has indeed defined the very music of the era in which it came out. The history of Marshall Amplifiers has had a greater impact on Rock music than some would give credit to it for. However Marshall greatly deserves its place in history for its incredible contribution to music as it is today. Gear-Vault Instrument Reviews […]