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Krank REV JR Pro Review

The guitar amp industry is not one with a lot of competition. While there are lots of people that make amps, you’re basically going to find that what most people buy are from names like […]

Beer Can Guitar Amplifier

Beer Can Guitar Amp

The first step in building your very own beer can amplifier will be to get an empty can of the beer of your choice. After you have your empty can you will need to remove […]


Vox Classic Plus AC50CPH head and V412BN Cab Review

Vox AC50 Classic Plus 50W head is an EL34-powered line up that marries the classic VOX tone and chime of rock and roll legend with a versatile high-gain channel that does it all – from the ’50s to tomorrow. Sound big? You bet. What do 50 years of classic VOX sonic history sound like? Play one. […]


Orange brings the Dark Terror

We all know who Orange is. World renown for making some of the nicest, sleekest valve amplifiers, they’ve been working on a high gain monster. Behold, the Dark Terror! The idea behind the Orange Dark […]

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VHT Sig:X Amplifier Head Review

NEARLY 20 YEARS AGO, VHT paved the road for the modern “super amp” category by combining a high-power output stage with three fully independent channels and an advanced switching system—along with a host of other […]

vox nt50 amplifier review

Vox Night Train 50 brings the GIRTH

Vox has always made good quality guitar amplifiers since the 1950’s. Beginning with the AC15 and AC30, many guitarists made it clear that Vox amps bring a high-quality sound. This is because of their simplicity, […]