Carvin Legacy VL212 Combo Review

Carvin Legacy VL212 Combo Review

We were more than a bit surprised when this underrated, business-like amp slipped from its cardboard carton. No fluorescent floral Tolex? No trans-dimensional quantum drive? Not even a monkey grip? Steve Vai designed this, didn’t […]

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Leo Fender and Marshall Amplifiers – Beginning of the Guitar Amp

The mid-Sixties British Invasion made England more of a player in the development of electric guitar technology, particularly amplification. Designed by Britons Dick Denney and Tom Jennings, the Vox AC15 (introduced in ’57) and AC30 (introduced in ’59) used a completely different output circuit (a Class A cathode bias push-pull configuration, if you must know) than the Class AB design Leo Fender had taken form the RCA manuals. […]

peavey vypyr guitar amplifier review

VYPYR – Peavey VYPYR Guitar Amplifier [Is It Really Junk?]

Since 1965, Peavey has built a reputation for making awesome guitar amplifiers, and they continue to evolve under the guidance of the company’s founder, Hartley Peavey. Their reputation has been solidified with a series of amazing amps, such as the 6505, JSX Joe Satriani signature amp, the Valve Kings, Triple XXX, the Classic series, the Windsor, and others. In the non-tube amp category, their patented TransTube technology is almost indistinguishable […]

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Guitar and Instrument Amplifiers Buyer’s Guide

Price is right is a common idea used by guitarists is that you should always spend as much on the amp unit as you are willing to spend on the guitar. The reason is pretty simple; the music that you create needs to pass through the amp before it reaches the world. […]

randall rm100kh mts kirk hammett guitar amp review

Randall RM100KH MTS Review [Kirk Hammett Signature Guitar Amplifier]

The Randall MTS Series RM100KH amp head was developed with one of the world’s most influential guitar players to produce each all-tube tone of Kirk’s illustrious career. This all-tube 100W Randall amp head includes three modular tube preamps including the KH1, Kirk’s signature clean, the KH2, Kirk’s classic rhythm tone, and the KH3, Kirk’s modern lead and rhythm tone. Based on the revolutionary MTS design, this guitar tube amp head includes 3 fully modular channels that can also be changed or reconfigured to hold any of Randall’s MTS tube preamp modules.

Preamp channels: 3 Modular Channels
KH1, KH2 & KH3 tube preamps
Master ControlsVolume, Density & Presen: ce
Power Amp: 100 Watts
4 x JJ 6L6GC Power tubes
Rear Panel Features:
Series EFX Loop
Parallel EFX Loop w/front panel Mix control
MIDI In/Thru
Tube Bias Section w/bias individual adjustments
World Voltage Selector
Included RF3 MIDI foot controller […]

Guitar Amplifier Reviews

Egnater Rebel-30 Guitar Amplifier Review

The paradigm for guitar amps has shifted radically in the past several years. Today, players are looking for amp solutions that provide tonal flexibility with good tone at manageable volume levels. For playing at home […]

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Mighty Moe Strap Amp: Ampstrap On The Go

The Mighty Moe AmpStrap offers you one of the hottest ideas in practice amps: a guitar amp, strap, and cable combined – one of the most compact and portable guitar practice amps available.

Moe’s Mighty Mission:

With the ability to practice, play, rehearse and compose anytime and anywhere, Mighty Moe will let you flex your chops or work out a riff on the spot. Mighty Moe is a light, small package with a mighty punch for musicians of all levels to use and enjoy.

Mighty Moe – Strap on the Fun!

At 11oz. the Mighty Moe is a comfortable and lightweight guitar practice amp with controls that are easy to get to. For private practice, plug in your headphone and the speaker is muted.

Fun, Compact, Quick Set Up

Easily fits in any bag for easy storage and travel. Sets up in seconds. […]