• Carvin SH550 Guitar

    Kiesel Carvin SH550 Electric Guitar Review

    Carvin SH550 AAAA flamed maple is the standard top, yes, we said “AAAA“ maple top, and unlike most “archtop” style guitars, the SH550 features an actual carved top. In addition, you can also choose an optional AAAA quilted maple top or a flamed koa top […]

  • Iron Maiden Dave Murray

    Top 5 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    When the phrase “guitar solo” comes to mind, you picture a guy just shredding apart a fretboard on stage to a crowd going absolutely crazy. This may hold true for some instances, but there are just as many great, even better guitar solos that only consist of a few notes…and are absolutely breathtaking. […]

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars

Learning to play the acoustic guitar is perhaps one of the most rewarding things that you can do as a musician. There is not a famous guitar player alive that has not gone through years […]

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Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Shopping on a Budget

Squier Vintage Modified ‘70s Jazz Bass is a bass for all levels of player. If you’re a young player just startin’ out, you’ll be extremely lucky to have this be your first bass and it’s not one you’ll grow out of anytime soon. If you gig and don’t want to take an expensive instrument on the road, you might just wanna take a look. […]


Getting The Most Out Of Guitar Lessons

Music & Life
Many guitar players of all levels consider taking guitar lessons. Lessons can be a wonderful thing and can move a student quickly along their musical path, very often at a much faster rate than independent [...]