Jimi Hendrix
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Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Guitar Hero -R.I.P

The Greatest Guitar Hero, Jimi Hendrix still remains one of the most influential forces in rock music. Pulling unprecedented sounds out of his Fender Strat, Hendrix challenged musicians and guitarists to explore a wild new world of tones and textures […]

Guitar player on stage at concert
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How To Become A Successful Music Artist

How To Become A Successful Music Artist? Music is a funny thing. From the time we are first inspired to pick up the guitar or any other instrument, most of us dream of stardom.

The funny thing is, most bands that reach that mega-stardom level will tell you all is not quite that sunny. While they do have the above-mentioned items going for them, they also have a sea of detractors who see them as having sold out to become as popular as they are. […]

Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 Guitar Amplifier

Mesa / Boogie Nomad 55 Amplifier Review

Review Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 – On specs alone, the Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 is a majestic package. Mesa was able to pack three totally independent and uniquely voiced preamps, each with their own specialized and selectable dual gain structures, into one box is nothing short of miraculous. […]

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars

Learning to play the acoustic guitar is perhaps one of the most rewarding things that you can do as a musician. There is not a famous guitar player alive that has not gone through years […]