Squier Stratocaster Any Good? 1

Squier Stratocaster Any Good?

The Fender Stratocaster is without a question one of the most coveted guitars ever created. Its classic sleek design and three pickup configurations have been imitated by scores of off brand manufacturers as well as […]

Carvin SH550 Guitar

Kiesel Carvin SH550 Electric Guitar Review

*Update: Carvin Guitars changed their name/re-branded to the name of original founder of Carvin Gutiars (Lowell Kiesel) to Kiesel Guitars in 2015. Kiesel-Carvin SH550 Electric Guitar Review — Kiesel-Carvin had a long tradition of producing […]

Bass Guitars

Fender American Precision Bass Guitar Review

Fender’s Precision Bass has long been the industry standard in electric bass guitars. If you’re reading this article, this isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. However, it seems nowadays the simplicity, durability, and thunderous time-tested […]