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Cool Song: Kyng – ‘Falling Down’

Kyng is all about heavy riffs and a good melody. ‘Falling Down‘ brings just that! Known as the “California Heavy” sound. “Can’t wait to unleash this to the universe and beyond,” Veliz says about the […]


How to Book a Show

How many concerts have you been to? You’ve probably been to at least one, and aside from booking the band and getting the security, a lot of other work can go into it. Being the […]

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Corey Taylor Releases Christmas Single X-M@$

Corey Taylor Releases Christmas Single, singin’ “Merry F@cking Christmas”. The thought of Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor doing a Christmas Song is ’bout enough to make everyone cringe. When the news came out that he […]