AXL Fireax And Jacknife – 2 Guitars In Black Matte


AXL Guitars Jacknife guitar
AXL Guitars Fireax guitar

Everyone knows black is the color of choice for rockers, but what could be more extreme, more stylish, and even cooler than black? Only black matte, of course! Capitalizing on the success and acclaim for the Jacknife and Fireax models, AXL is proud to release both of these models in an all-new, ultra-stylish Black Matte finish.

The matte-finish Jacknife guitar has a solid alder body and comes with 2 EMG-designed Alnico P-90 pickups. The thin maple neck is excellent for lightning-fast runs, and the string-through-body design gives the guitar great sustain. The comfortable rosewood fretboard is finished with Abalone dot position markers.

The Fireax with matte finish is also built from solid alder, and features 2 EMG-designed Alnico humbuckers and an EMG-designed single-coil pickup. The bridge is a classic floating tremolo design, perfect for whammy bar dive-bombs, but still keeps the Fireax in perfect tune. The ultra-thin maple neck is finished with a rosewood fretboard and exclusive Arrowhead fretboard inlay.

Both guitars feature black hardware, black truss rod covers, and an AXL Skull headstock plate logo. The matte-finish Jacknife has a stylish brushed aluminum pickguard that really sets off the finish. Both of these guitars look and sound amazing.

The Jacknife in the matte finish has a MAP of $224.99 and the matte finish Fireax has a MAP of $299.99. AXL Guitars is the builder of the best-selling Badwater electric guitars and basses, and the Mayhem and Marquee Series of electric guitars. Check for hot buys.

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