Line 6 Pocket POD review

Line 6 Pocket POD guitar amplifier review

The world has never been the same since Line 6 unleashed the original POD in 1997. During that time just walking into a guitar shop, recording studio, or early adopter’s home resulted in one or more of the red, bean-shaped eccentric pieces being thrown at you followed by an immediate response of “Sounds like a killer amp.”

Line 6 is signifying that the world of musicians’ electronics is in full throttle. The Pocket POD brings the same 32 amp and 16 effects models available on the POD 2.0 in a miniature package but eliminates some minor, impartial restricting functions in the development. Although standard amp models can be changed and saved easily, getting to the root of the problem with cabinet emulation and detailed effects parameters requires the liberally downloadable Vyzex software.

When using Sans software it is a breeze to use and also helps set up your own kind of sounds without even reading the owner’s manual. From my own experience with other PODs I found it a bit easier to start at where I left off and wanted to save rather than move my sound to another preset.

Being extremely easy to use and the Vyzex software also allows you to add presets created by other PODites which is available through Line 6’s custom site. After the Pocket POD is loaded to your computer by the USB cable and the Vyzex software, uploading presets is easy as clicking the open button under the L6T menu up top then hit the save button on the POD itself, piece of cake!

Line 6 Pocket POD reviewCreating some of your own homemade patches with the Vyzex software is very simple first start off with an amp model, tweak every other parameter for an example: cabinet emulation, effects, effects order, reverb parameters, etc. and whatever else you wish to fine-tune. After everything is loaded up then hit save on the POD. All edits to the software are sent back to the POD so having a pair of headphones with you can help monitor all of your changes.

The Pocket POD has a sound that is unforgettable, and spending some time tweaking your own presets is satisfied with tones that can mesh nicely in your home recording set up, for quickly producing arrangements on bigger gigs or simply for a motivated practice session. Does the Pocket POD sound just like a Boogie or a blackface Deluxe or a JTM45? No, not even close, but it can sound superior, mainly in its ability to achieve an ideal tonality for a certain track with no fuss. Just set up a few simple presets, try the Fender clean, Marshall crunch, Boogie lead, then polish up the EQ to your style. The sounds are realistic enough, and through a nice board, can be truly uplifting. Of course, the question is: “What’s in your pocket?”

Line 6 Pocket POD

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