Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Randall Amplifiers was formed by a gentleman named Don Randall. Before he began building his own amplifiers, Randall work at Fender Guitars where he designed some of the company’s legendary amplifiers. Don Randall also came up with the model name for a couple of Fender’s solid body guitars, the Telecaster and Stratocaster.

Mr. Don Randall eventually left Fender in 1969 and formed his own company called Randall Amplifiers. Randall sold the company in 1987 and since then it has built on its reputation as a manufacture of awesome modern amplifiers. Metal guitarists love Randall’s huge bottom end and crushing gain. Dimebag was a one-time endorsee of Randall – the Texan legend had his own signature model. Other artists that have followed in his footsteps include Scott Ian of Anthrax, Danzig, Dan Donegan of Disturbed, Down, Drowning Pool, Good Charlotte, Soulfly and Hellyeah. Wanna add your name to that list? We thought so…

R.I.P Mr. Don Randall (October 30, 1917 — December 23, 2008)

Image of legendary guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, standing in next to his Randall (RG-100ES) full stack


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