Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Randall Amplifiers was formed by a gentleman named Don Randall. Before he began building his own amplifiers, Randall work at Fender Guitars where he designed some of the company’s legendary amplifiers. Don Randall also came […]

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Kiss Gods of Thunder

Kiss is one of those definitive rock and roll bands—y’know, the ones both critics and parents loathe, but the kids love anyway. When looking back over the history of rock, however, one can surely ask […]


Dimebag Darrell’s 1981 ML Dean

“The Blue Dean’s got a cool story, man.” crows Dimebag Darrell. But what else would you expect from Pantera’s, late great, red-hot cowboy from hell? “My dad bought me my first Dean for Christmas,” explains […]