Smashing your AXE Guitar, recording studio

How To Smash Your Guitar Like a Pro

You are true blue musician, a lover of all things sound related, and a consummate professional. Naturally, you’re going to want to destroy your guitar or instrument as part of your live show. Smashing your […]


Orange brings the Dark Terror

We all know who Orange is. World renown for making some of the nicest, sleekest valve amplifiers, they’ve been working on a high gain monster. Behold, the Dark Terror! The idea behind the Orange Dark […]

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Live & Recording

In Search of a High EQ

In the jargon of producers and recording engineers, equalizers fall into two general categories: “surgical” and “character.” The surgical EQ is used correctly, e.g., when you wish to focus on a problem frequency without affecting […]

Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers

Randall Amplifiers was formed by a gentleman named Don Randall. Before he began building his own amplifiers, Randall work at Fender Guitars where he designed some of the company’s legendary amplifiers. Don Randall also came […]

Electric Guitar Buyers Guide Les Paul

Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Planning to get an electric guitar? Now I know this may seem like a big thing taking all the top brands and everything into consideration, however with a little research and insight you can easily […]