Learning Basic Skills With Easy Guitar Songs


Easy Guitar Songs To LearnYou have just started to play guitar or you are still learning it and having a hard time learning it. Don’t worry even the guitar geniuses went through same phase once. You can achieve success here by choosing simple songs to practice but you will also need to have proper skills to play those guitar songs correctly. Your selection plays a deciding role in you success or failure here, so it is important to have basic knowledge of guitar when you go for more difficult techniques, you should also know what song to pick for practice. Above all, dedication and patience is also required because it is something you can learn and master quickly it takes time like weeks or months of daily practice. You need to first learn and master the notes and chords, once you have mastered these you can move on to next step and pick a few easy songs to play and practice.

Basic Skills Required To Play Guitar for beginners

To play and practice guitar you need to possess few basic skills, which will help you play easy guitar songs. Here are few basic skills:

  • Proper strumming: Strumming is a basic skill you must learn if you are passionate to play guitar. You can start with strumming basic chords like C or G, and then you can pick easy guitar songs based on the fact what chords you are comfortable to strum. As an example if you are interested in rock songs, you can go with Avril Lavigne’s songs “Complicated” or U2’s “With or Without You”. Apart from these Taylor Swift’s songs like “Teardrop on my guitar” or “Love story” can be a good choice to go with. You can choose other songs also as you strumming skill improves.
  • Appropriately finger picking: When you are able to do finger picking correctly on your guitar, it’s the sign of your improvement. At this stage you can modify and enhance the song’s original chords, and you can play it exactly the way your audience wants. Lady Gaga’s “Poker face” and Jason Marz’s “I’m Yours” can be a good choice for you to practice with.

Now you are free to choose whatever guitar song you like to play, but make sure to choose those songs are what you enjoy to play and has little chord sequence & alternation, since they are the best alternative for a beginner.

After You Have Mastered Guitar Basics

If you have practiced the guitar basic skills and mastered them, it means that you enjoy and are comfortable with finger picking and guitar strumming. At this stage you can pick any song you like to play, you can find lots of songs and music online to practice with. You just have to keep practicing with those songs to improve your playing ability. You should not forget to listen to the melody of songs and to check the chords before you buy the music. Keep practicing and you will become the master of guitar pretty soon. But don’t forget the key is to keep practicing.

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