Robert Trujillo Bass Guitar – Warwick Streamer Signature Bass

Warwick Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass Guitar Metallica bassist

What bass guitar does Robert Trujillo play? Metallica’s bassist Rob Trujillo and Warwick Bass Guitar company collaborate to issue the Warwick Rob Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass Guitars — Trujillo is best known as the finger-style bass monster whose dexterity, tones and attitude have seen him grace the bass of Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica since the late ’80’s.

Warwick Bass guitar company and Robert Trujillo were proud to collaborate to bring the Warwick Streamer bass guitar. In honor of this momentous occasion Warwick will be issuing a Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass. The bass itself will feature a quicksilver or turquoise blue chrometone finish, giving it a metallic shine that, like Rob, demands center stage on any gig. The increased mass of the neck, special nut width and active EMG pickups and Bartolini 3-band electronics invite you to play at full throttle. The neck and body are both made of Maple, lending it an incredibly tight tone. Even the fastest licks and heaviest chords, for which Rob is notorious, are clear and powerful. Rob especially likes the comfort and the sleek design of the body which makes you become one with the resonance of the instrument.

Growing up in Venice Beach, California, the surf-loving Robert Trujillo was influenced by multiple musical genres, which included everything from Led Zeppelin to Motown and a chunk of funk in between. By his early twenties Trujillo had developed a rhythm and a vibe uniquely his own. He met Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies via his buddy, Suicidal guitarist Rocky George, and thus began a rich and fruitful relationship that saw Rob establish himself as one of the most exciting bass talents in the rock world. In the ’90s, he helped form the experimental funk-rock band Infectious Grooves, joined Ozzy Osbourne’s band and by 2003 had become the bassist in the mighty Metallica. Then-producer Bob Rock was heard saying how “complete and unequivocally whole the band sounded” with Rob playing.

The development of the Warwick Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass happened over the course of two years. Warwick quality control manager and R&D assistant Marcus Spangler personally oversaw the development of Trujillo’s basses: “we made a Streamer with a flat back and some measurements that Robert’s tech Zach provided,” recalls Spangler. “We built one in makassar, one in zebrawood, one in quilted maple and a black chrome tone, which was the one he really liked. He called it ‘The Terminator.'” And so, Warwick proceeded to build him 3 more chrome tone basses, a 4-string and two 5-strings. These instruments now form the template for the Warwick Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass. Marcus says that Zach told him, “Guys, I don’t know what you did with the neck but Robert is so happy with the playability.”

Warwick Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass Guitar specs:

  • Neck through
  • Available as 5-string
  • Available as right-handed only
  • Matched Headstock Chrometone
  • Maple neck, special Rob Trujillo shape
  • Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard with nickel silver frets
  • R T Genuine Silver Custom Inlay
  • 34″ long scale
  • Maple body
  • Active EMG J/J pickups
  • Bartolini 3-band electronics
  • Quicksilver Chrometone or Turquoise Blue Chrometone finish
  • Chrome hardware
  • Just-A-Nut III
  • Schaller 3D bridge
  • Warwick machine heads
  • Warwick security locks
  • Dunlop Robert Trujillo Signature strings: .045″ – .130″
  • Including Warwick “User Kit” and RockCase flight case
  • Check for price

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