Hamer Newport and Newport Pro Hollowbody Guitar

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Hamer Newport

Hamer’s Newport Series hollowbody guitars feature an ivoroid-bound Honduras mahogany neck and body and a hand-carved, arched spruce top with two f-holes. Newport guitars also feature two Hamer Phat Cat single-coil pickups, which are hand-built in Seymour Duncan’s custom shop. The Phat Cat’s wide-shape allows players to switch to a humbucking pickup without having to alter the pickup cavity. Newport guitars come stock with Tune-O-matic bridge, Bigsby vibrato, Grover Super Rotomatic tuners and Transparent Orange Sparkle finish. The Newport Pro has the same features as the Newport except for two Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups and a Tune-O-Matic brige with a stop tailpiece. List Price: Newport and Newport Pro, $1,999. (prices were dated in 1999)Gear Search


The Original Newport

The original Newport is fitted with Phat Cat single coils which were the result of a collaboration with my friend Seymour Duncan. Conceived as a crossover guitar in 1999, the spruce-topped Newport was the first guitar to receive a perfect score in a Guitar Player magazine review. Since then we’ve been busy configuring the Newport in different ways—adding binding, carved backs, custom inlays and experimenting with alternative pickup choices.

Shown above is a wonderful custom example. Notice how the highly figured top and layered binding contrasts against the stark ebony fingerboard with its single inlay signature.
-Jol Dantzig Source: Hamer Guitars

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Hamer Newport Pro Hollow Body electric Guitar


  1. Hamer Guitars are Jol Dantzig’s gift to the world! They make the best custom guitars by hand, amazing custom guitar designs!

    The Newport is one of Dantzig’s best guitar designs, I have one with the Fat Cat single coils and it has an amazing range of tones and the hand craftsmanship makes it great to play.


  2. I bought a Newport Pro in natural as a used guitar (played a half dozen times and not even markd anywhere) for a very reasonable price.
    VERSATILITY is the keyword for this guitar. A Gibson SG is another one that falls in that category.
    The Newport has a great feel to its neck and is balanced well on a strap. Playing it acoustically is almost as nice as plugged in (I play into a modded Priceton Reverb with Eminence and big power supply that is enver over a 5 volume in the house). A fingerstylist (I play nails from classicla study) will love this guitar as an all-around electric. Beautifully built, good hardware and tuners and the nut appears to be bone or synthetic equivalent (clinks on your tooth like bone).
    At 1500-188 dollars, you could not find a much nicer guitar of the 70 or so guitars I have owned over the past 30 years.

  3. i have a hamer newport red body how do you find its value? i lost receipt. im not planning on selling but was interested no scratches. I love the body and all the chrome. Putting on strings is a pain in the ass. I bought in 2005??? ish

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