Top 5 Metal Amps: Mesa Boogie Recto [Pick #3]

Best Metal Amp #3

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Top 5 Metal Amps - Mesa Boogie RectoThere are many amp companies that loom large in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. One of the most important, especially to the more modern kinds of rock is Mesa Boogie. Mesa has a long history of making gain-filled amps, but, to many modern rockers, there is nothing like one of the Mesa Boogie Rectifier series. That is why we here at Gear-Vault have made the Rectifiers, or “Rectos”, number three on our list of the Top 5 Metal Amps.

Rectos hit big in the 90’s and established themselves as sound du jour of that time period, offering more gain and more tonal choices than other amps available at that moment. There are Single, Dual, and Triple Rectifiers out there and each has its fans.

The most popular, however, is the Dual Rectifier, which gives users the options of a solid state or tube rectifier for tighter or looser sounds at the flip of a switch and drains 70-100 watts of power out of a quartet of 6L6 tubes, depending on the options selected. The Dual also has a bias switch that lets players use EL34 or 6L6 tubes for even more tone control.

If the Dual Recto sounds like too small of an amp for your bone-crushing metal stylings, then step on up to the Triple Rectifier, which is truly the elephant gun of the Mesa line. It produces 150 watts from 6 6L6 tubes and was advertised with the catch-phrase “When Excess Is Barely Enough.”

This giant of rock and roll became a common site on the biggest stages of the world and was used by bands like Metallica, Rammstein, and Korn. The Rectifier series really changed the way heavy music sounds since the amps hit the streets and those looking for that particular sound have found that nothing else really gives it up like a Mesa.

Mesa Boogie Rectifier


  1. mesa boogies/the rectifiers come as synthetic as the thesis of the above article. i mean, really.. there’s hardly even a bass feature in this amp. so artificial, so plastic.
    if ur really wanna good mesa amp go for mark series. they aint cheap but at least there’s some decent metal sound in em. but this …. what is this? 1800? lol it’s a joke.

  2. The tone that defined early 90’s metal then on to new metal. It’ loose and tight all at the same time with more bass and presence anyone needs. 2Ch Rev G version being the nexus of all it’s refined grungy glory. HAs earned it’s place in history for sure.

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