DBZ Guitars, dbzguitars, dean guitarsToday Gear-Vault received information that Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, announced that he has parted ways with Dean Guitars, the company that he founded in 1977.

Zelinsky sold Dean Guitars in 1991. Zelinsky was the heart and soul behind the guitar quality. He has played an essential part in the recent surge in popularity, successfully putting Dean Guitars back in the spotlight after becoming re-affiliated with Dean Guitars in the late 1990s, during the possession of its recent owner and CEO, Elliott Rubinson.

Zelinsky, talking about his not yet announced new venture, stated today, “I wanted to get back to what put Dean on the map originally—building high-quality instruments that shape both the image and tone of guitar players, from the beginner to world-class professionals.”


Regarding Dean Guitars, Zelinsky says, “I can no longer attach my name to the reputation, quality and direction of Dean Guitars or its current objectives.”

Dean Zelinsky stated the announcement with details of his new venture will be released on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

Update: Zelinsky’s new venture is DBZguitars – and they are wild looking guitars!


  1. This hits badly the image of Dean guitars, IMO, since what this communicate says: the very own heart and image of the company leaves it because, well, THE GUITARS PRODUCED THERE ARE BAD!!! Right? I expect a similar communicate from Dean guitars PR department, to fight back such rumors.

  2. I agree. And like Jon from GuitarNoize said, perhaps Dean Zelinsky is fed up with profiting from Dimebag Darrell’s success. I understand having a budget guitar line, but the budgets have such poor quality IMO, the only reason why they are selling is because it has Dimbag’s name in it.

    Zelinsky comment: “I wanted to get back to what put Dean on the map originally—building high-quality instruments that shape both the image and tone of guitar players, from the beginner to world-class professionals.”

  3. My first band used to practice in the house (garage) down the street from Dean’s house back in Illinois in the ’70’s when he was starting out. I got to meet Dean years later – he’s a great guy, and as everyone probably realizes – he knows his shit. Whatever he ends up doing, I bet it’s going to be some pretty damn fine guitars.

  4. That’s really cool! I agree, whatever he does, it’ll be something great. Maybe instead of ‘Dean Guitars’ it’ll be “Zelinsky Guitars’ –wouldn’t that be a huge blow to Dean Guitars?

  5. Dean is a great designer and marketer of rock guitars. His Soltero design is a perfect example. Dean’s new venture should be interesting as now he will not have to tolerate bean counters like Eliot whats his name? The new Eliot guitars should be a joke. He never designed a guitar to the best of my recollection. Dean is the real deal!

    Good luck Dean!


  6. Dean Zelinsky was fired!!!! He did not quit. I know for a fact since I have a friend that works for Dean Guitars.

  7. James, if your allegations are true, Dean Guitars made a grave mistake.

    Dean Guitars are on a slippery slope downhill. DBZguitars is a refreshing change to get things back on track.

  8. This is not an allegation! This is a fact! Dean Guitars is making some of the best guitars in the industry. They are better off without Zelinsky. Trust me!

  9. James is a moron. Dean did leave, but it was mutual. The new owner is really interested in making money off the brand, but isn’t interested in making good guitars.

    Sorry James…if you do know someone that works there, they weren’t part of the discussions that led up to this. I think you are full of crap and so does everyone else.

  10. Thanks for clearing this up for us Bob. It’s no secret that Dean Guitars don’t wish to build quality anymore. And that’s too bad. I’m just glad Mr.Z is making a new line of guitars at

  11. Bob Rogers should shut his pie hole because he does not know what he is talking about. Dean Zelinsky has not owned Dean Guitars since 1990. Dean has been owned by the same owner since 1997. So Bob should do his homework before calling someone a moron. I guarantee Bob would not say that to my face. Bob is a real hard ass when sitting behind his computer. Bob is the moron!!!!

  12. I have seen some of the DBZ guitars and they are amazing. There is a lot more detail in the body work than on the Dean guitars

  13. I have 8 deans in my collection including a 78 elite, my limited edition USA Cadillac plays and feels more like the original American made ones, than the Korean ones, tho the set neck models are quite nice the pickups are crap and the sound quality isn’t quite the same, but still way better than the bolt neck models, with the exception of the early Hollywood z, I agree with Dean about the quality issue as I’ve been a fan of and play Dean guitars since 83, when I baught my first ML, which was 2 guitars off the line behind Dimes beloved ML, wich is a far better guitar than the dime memorial ML reissue

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