vintage mashall jcm800

History of Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall had introduced the MV or Master Volume Series which they called JMP; this new feature gave the guitarists more control over the Volume. Apart from the Master Volume, this series of amplifiers also added an effect loop. Marshall soon started calling this series the JCM800 after their deal with Rose-Morris ended. The name came from Marshall’s own initials and the number on the number plate of his car! Most notable in this range were the 2204 (50 Watt) and the 2203 (100 Watt) series. The look of the Amp unit was also redesigned with a grille cloth replacing the vinyl in the front. […]

Bogner Alchemist Guitar Amplifier

Bogner Alchemist Guitar Amplifier Review [and Overview]

The way Bogner amps are constructed is pure perfection. Each amp is built to the same standards; amazing craftsmanship, sophisticated arrangement of simple circuits, currents, metal and wood. The final product is a flexible amp with a number of effects and tonal choices, not to mention very precise controls. This unique breed of design allows musicians to have definitive authority over their tone and sound […]

Hughes and Kettner Warp X

Hughes and Kettner Warp X Review

Hughes and Kettner – With its depraved infernal glow of eight blazing red-hot tubes says it all; Hughes and Kettner Warp X is amongst the undisputed heavyweight champions of the Nu Metal arena. Look no further for brutal riffing power. The amp boasts a Clean channel with bold, big and crisp tones and a brilliant “Warp” channel to put a smirk on the face of any metal riff-monster. […]

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Krank Revolution (REV+) Amplifier

Krank Revolution+ (from Krank Amplifiers) is an upgraded version of the first-generation Revolution head. The Plus features better transformers, 6550 tubes (power section), and a serious 120-watts of power, making this amp a thing of beauty. Dark, evil beauty. The Revolution+ has […]