vintage mashall jcm800

History of Marshall JCM800 Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall Amplification is a British company which is renowned for manufacturing some of the best and most versatile guitar amplification units out there. The sought after “crunch sound” which only Marshall Equipments have to offer […]

Hughes and Kettner Warp X

Hughes and Kettner Warp X Review

Hughes and Kettner – With its depraved infernal glow of eight blazing red-hot tubes says it all; Hughes and Kettner Warp X is amongst the undisputed heavyweight champions of the Nu Metal arena. Look no […]


Krank Revolution (REV+) Amplifier

OK, I’ve been finding a ton of user reviews for this amp on the net, and it seems that half of you think that the Krank Revolution+ amplifier is dark, crunchy, and ‘not worthy’. This […]