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Live & Recording

STUDIO MONSTER – A Day At The Recording Studio

This being the fourth recording session as a band to date, we have a better grasp on how recording goes, and what speed bumps a band is always going to encounter almost every time. Problems happen, no matter how prepared you think you are to detour and prevent them, so you’ve got to be ready. […]

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eMedia Guitar Collection Pack Software Review

One of eMedia’s most popular offerings is the Guitar Collection Pack, which is a bundle of four programs, Guitar Method, Intermediate Guitar Method, Blues Guitar Legends, and Guitar Songs Volume I, that provide the advancing guitarist with enough learning options to keep busy all winter […]

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Featured Guitars

Image-line FL Studio 9: A Brief Overview

FL Studio 9 is the most recent release from Imageline. The program offers literally an endless amount of creative control to the user. The program consists of five main components: The Playlist Editor, The Step Sequencer, The Piano Roll, The Browser, and the Mixer […]

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Front Page Gear

Akai Ableton Live APC20 Controller Hands-On Review

The APC20 looks like someone took an APC40 and cut it in half, then cut the price in half too. Yet as a controller, the APC20 does much of what its bigger brother can do. Furthermore, it can expand the APC40–yes, I now have my 16 faders, and you can use up to six APC20s together (or a combination of APC40s and APC20s). […]

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Acoustic Guitars

Recording with Taylor Electric Acoustic Guitars Techniques

Taylor acoustics have long been favored by artists and recording engineers for their clear, balanced tone. In fact, many engineers keep Taylors in their studios because they know they can always count on the clarity of “the Taylor sound” without the need for a lot of EQ tweaking. Between the crisp articulation and tonal balance of the bass, midrange and treble notes–full in the lower register, present in the midrange, and sparkling on the treble strings–Taylors offer a clean, even acoustic sound that makes recording a breeze. Taylors also fit nicely in a mix, occupying just the right amount of sonic space without taking up too much room or competing with other instruments. […]

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Kelly Shu Kick-drum Microphone shock-mount

Miking a bass drum seems simple enough, but as anyone who has tried can tell you, you either can or you can’t. In general Bass frequency can get lost and muddy in a mix. Take a lean out the window in my neighborhood and the next ’68 Impala to drive by will prove my point. The problem isn’t the drum, or the microphone, but the mic placement! […]

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Hot News

Cakewalk (By Roland) UA-4FX Hands-on Review

The UA-4FX delivers as promised when deployed, delivering excellent guitar sounds as well as the ability to track vocals and control MIDI all in the same unit. The onboard effects are great for tracking and monitoring and it has all the ins and outs needed to be plumbed into a variety of recording situations. […]

zoom q3 pocket recorder review

Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder Review

There is no doubt that the emergence of YouTube has forever altered how we all make, teach, and discover music. These days, if you aren’t doing it on video, you’re just not doing it. Thusly, some sort of camcorder has become part of just about everyone’s kit and many of us are always on the lookout for a machine that does its thing easier and cheaper […]