Silver Fox Drumsticks – Best Drums Sticks For The Money?

silver fox drum sticks

Silver Fox has been making premium quality drumsticks here in the U.S.A. for quite some time, but they may still be a newer name to many drummers. That is about to change. This sly Fox has teamed up with the rising star of the drum world Trevor Lawrence (Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Alicia Keys) and produced two new signature products that are sure to find good homes in many drummer’s stick bags.

For starters, there’s Trevor’s new hickory drumstick the SF-TL. Measuring in a 16″ in length – with a medium-bead tip and a slightly slimmer feel that that of a typical 5A – this stick is fast around the toms and cymbals, but still has enough weight to slap your guitarist silly! When played “butt out” on the snare for back-beats, it felt solid as a rock and very comfortable in the hand. Silver Fox uses what they call a Duracrylx finish, which not only feels great but also helps the sticks to last longer when you’re pounding it out night after night.

Also out of the fox-hole is the new and highly useful bundle-mallet named “Buds” SF-BRBB. These Buds are made of 13 bundled birch dowels with movable bands to adjust how tightly they’re packed together. What sets these bundles-of-joy apart from other sticks of this type is the felt mallet-head on the butt of the bundle! Not only are they great for cymbal rolls and tumbling toms, but these sticks would also prove useful to any drummer regularly required to play in situations where volume is an issue, as well as, those seeking out the most adventurous explorations in found-percussive sounds. Where are my pots and pans? Find Hot Buys – Drums and Percussion. For more info on Silver Fox visit:

Silver Fox Percussion Drumsticks – How It’s Made

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