Super-Vee tremolo system


When Leo Fender created the Stratocaster’s six-screw tremolo bridge, he was simply hoping to find away to provide subtle vibrato and pedal steel effects. Though effective, Leo’s bridge didn’t provide the most stable tuning and certainly wasn’t designed to stand up to wild whammy whacking. The Floyd Rose locking hem solved this problem, but it requires modification to install and robs some of the Strat’s beautiful airy tone.

Enter the Super-Vee. This ingenious double-locking bridge is a drop-in replacement for any six-screw or two-point Strat bridge. It bolts down In minutes and requires no permanent modification to the instrument Instead of pivot points, the Super-Vee rides on a patented frictionless blade that won’t wear out You can even set the position of the bar to suit your style.

In operation, the Super-Vee sounds at least as good as a vintage Strat bridge, has a smoother and more consistent feel than a Floyd Rose and is exceptionally stable. With its height-adjustable saddles and fine tuners, the Super-Vee is the perfect trem for Strat players. Visit for more information.

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  1. This is the way, that Fender should go. I’m not a fan of vintage, but of useful, comfortable and great sounding guitars. Stratocaster is a great sounding instrument, but old-school Fender bridges are a little bit too old.

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