Liquid Metal Guitars LMG-T Paisley

Liquid Metal Guitars LMG-T Paisley
Liquid Metal Guitar Company has started shipping the new LMG-T Paisley. The LMG-T Paisley is the company’s LMG-T polished to a mirror finish then etched with a paisley pattern using the company’s proprietary process. Liquid Metal says the guitar came about after a conversation with luthier Bill Crook, who builds paisley guitars for Brad Paisley, and is their tribute to both Cook and Paisley.

The guitar features a Seymour Duncan LMG Custom Wound “Phat Cat” Pickup in neck position, which they say creates a beautiful buttery tone, and a Peter Florence TE 50 Voodoo bridge pickup. The TE 50 is a flatpole pickup that features aged ALNICO 5 magnets for a woody, organic sound. The pickup is wound to the correct ’52 specs with the tin bottom plate. Liquid metal says the pickup gives great overtones and harmonics that are absolutely killer in the guitar.

liquid-metal-guitars-lmg-t-paisley-backThe LMG-T guitar’s body is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum to proprietary thickness. The top and sides are contiguous, which creates a rigidity to the body that Liquid Metal says creates an amazing warm tone and note bloom. The metal bodies also shield the guitar, which the company says eliminates hum.

The guitar’s body is clear coated with a exceptionally hard, high gloss, scratch resistant clear coat that enhances the depth perception of the finish on the body.

The neck is made of Canadian hard rock maple. Liquid Metal describes their 8-step sanding process: “The rough cut neck is hand sanded with 600 grit to find the neck’s shape. The next steps use 800 grit sand paper and the last 4 steps utilize 1200 grit for an end result that is incredibly smooth. Finally, a clear satin sealer is applied for an extremely natural and fast feel that offers protection from dirt and moisture while feeling like highly sanded, raw wood. It just feels good to hold and play.” Street price $3316.

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