B.C. Rich Kerry King Guitars and Graphics V2


The monarch of uniquely designed and shaped guitars have once again teamed up with the ruler of metal to introduce the next innovated guitar design. So sit back and brace yourself for the sinister B.C. Rich Kerry King Beast V, Beast V NT and V2. Inspired by Kerry King himself, the Beast V is known as the unholy alliance between B.C. Rich’s famous Beast body shape and Speed V design.

The Beast V (pictured below) is equipped with B.C. Rich B.D.S.M. humbucker pickups and a fully adjustable bridge with a string-through body design for even more added sustain. The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard, Beast headstock and bolt-on neck construction.

B.C. Rich Kerry King Beast V

The Beast V NT version (pictured below) features neck-through body construction for added sustain and tone and improved access to the upper frets. It is equipped with B.C. Rich active pickups and a Kahler locking tremolo.

B.C. Rich Kerry King Beast V NT

In addition to the new models, B.C. Rich is now offering Kerry’s exclusive Generation 2 graphics on the V2 and Metal Master V2 model guitars.

For the hundreds and thousands of people that have seen the godfather, Kerry King, on stage with Slayer have recently seen his Generation 2 graphics. This striking new tribal design is floating over a hand drawn flame making it visually stunning. Now B.C. Rich is bringing this remarkably new graphic to a new production model V-shaped guitar called the Kerry King V2. (see photo below)

B.C. Rich Kerry King speed V

The body shape is the aggressively styled B.C. Rich speed V and it has been augmented with many Kerry King inspired features. The V2 model is equipped with B.C.R.A. active pickups and a genuine Kahler locking tremolo. It also features a basswood body, bolt-on construction, ebony fingerboard with a specially designed inlay and a Beast headstock. The 24 jumbo frets provide 2 full octaves of notes to shred.

For more information, visit their official website at www.bcrich.com.


  1. As a long time BCR player, I can assure anyone interested in the Neck thru version (the others are not really pro level guitars), aside from the fact that it didn’t come with EMGs, it is truly a beast. IDK if they are still entirely made of maple like JFK’s personal guitars are, ( my ’10 was) but aside from slightly wider neck than will usually be found on the other BCRs, it lives up to it,s name. Aside from the pups, it is a wonderfully built and appointed guitar, and I regret getting rid of mine. All in all, a very good buy.

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