Korg Wavedrum – Revolution of Percussion Drums

KORG WaveDrum review demo

In 1984 there were drummers who were purists and would only be seen behind an acoustic set of drums. The mere thought of playing plugged-in to anything even close to a drum machine or sampler was not only foreign but frightening. At the same time, there were drummers eager to push the sonic envelope; using electronic drums and sound modules to trigger a world of instruments. It seemed as if there was no way to reach across this great divide. The gap began to narrow when Korg introduced their groundbreaking Wavedrum.

The first Wavedrum, with its innovative design and performance capabilities was a huge hit, but like a fine wine, it was outside the budget of most drummers. Now Korg has brought this much sought after treasure back to the market, it’s more affordable than ever, with all the power and punch of its predecessor.

Korg Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer Demo Video

So what is it? Imagine having a library of world instruments that you can control and manipulate in real-time, at your fingertips, literally! It’s all right here. With multiple sensors under a real drumhead, the Wavedrum is instantly expressive with a very familiar feel. It can be played with sticks, mallets or even brushes (!), just as easily as it can with hands or even light finger-taps! It’s also pressure sensitive which allows you to play Indian tabla sounds with your fingers – while pressing the head to make a sitar sound! We’re only scratching the surface here. With 100 programmable presets you can adjust pitch, volume, delay, reverb even head material! Plus the raised ridges on the Wavedrum’s rim let you create effects like tremolo.

Drooling yet? I am!

KORG WaveDrum review

You can play the Wavedrum in your lap, or mount in a regular-old snare stand. It’s lightweight and compact, perfect for any percussion, drum-set or DJ setup. You can even park it next to your studio console to catch those sparks of percussive inspiration.

The good folks over at Korg have fully bridged the gap with the new Wavedrum. The updated features and expressive performance of this truly new instrument will let all drummers (and even non-drummers) express themselves in ways never before possible. Things are getting good! How much is the Wavedrum? ey, that’s not too pricey!

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