Guitar Value Pack Buyers Guide

Guitar Buying Tips For Beginners

guitar-pack-buyers-guideA Value Package offers you a “play out of the box” kind of a setup which includes all the equipment and guitar accessories that you will need to get you started, right out of the box! Most guitar packs also include guitar lessons… whether it be an access key to access lessons from a guitar lesson website or a DVD (do DVD still exist?). You’ll get the guitar, guitar amplifier, bag, picks, strap, needed cords. It is everything you need to get any beginner ready to start learning guitar right out of the box.

Buying a Guitar Value Pack

The main thing to consider while getting a Guitar Value Pack is the preference of the player; rock music? country music? Jazz music? You need to ask yourself some important questions before you can make up your mind about the kind of guitar pack that you will be purchasing. Here they are in a nutshell; of course, do not let it limit you:

Are you buying this for yourself or someone else?

If you are buying a guitar value pack for yourself then you are more aware of what you will want. However, if it is for someone else, like your son or daughter, or even a gift to a friend, make sure you learn what they want first. If you want to keep this a surprise, then the best way to get your bearings on what kind of instruments the person might be interested in is knowing the player/band they admire.

Should you buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

This depends on the genre of music that the player is interested in. For instance, an acoustic guitar is ideally suited for country music, folk, bluegrass, and pop music, whereas electric guitars are best used for rock, pop, heavy metal, blues, punk, etc. Though this is generally speaking of course; any type of music can be played on any type of guitar, it’s just that some music will sound better on certain types of guitars.

Is there any particular brand that you or your gift recipient likes?

Brand loyalty is very much an integral part of the music! Most guitarists will swear by their favorite brand’s name and you or the person you are gifting the guitar to will perhaps be no different. Make sure that you gain a good understanding of the brands and their offerings before you go in for a guitar value pack. Some of the more popular brands out there are:Ibanez Jam Pack IJV50: Entry-level guitar values pack which comes with an acoustic guitar. This is the perfect set if you want to play blues, folk or country.

Yamaha GigMaker Acoustic Guitar Pack: Includes an acoustic guitar, but also comes with a tuner, an instructional DVD and booklet.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Player Pack: Consists of an electric guitar based on the famous design – The Gibson Les Paul.

Squier Stop Dreaming Start Playing SE Special Strat Pack: The contents of this package are ideally suited to the player of the Blues genre. Players influenced by Eric Clapton or Steve Ray Vaughan will find a liking for this set.

Ibanez IJX121 Metal Guitar Jumpstart Pack: This set is ideally suited for the lovers of rock and heavy metal.

Laguna Ultimate Rock Pack: Includes an electric guitar an upgraded amp unit, accessories and an instructional DVD.

Typically a guitar pack includes:

– Guitar
– Amp
– Bag
– Guitar Strap
– Cables
– Electronic Tuners
– Picks

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