1. It’s difficult to guess what Joe uses. He is unique and he is the best guitarist in the world. He is my guitar god. 🙂

  2. Hmmm that white one looks interesting. Could it be the fourth pedal in the vox series he is involved in.

    My guess is VOX Wah, EHX POG, Micro POG , Satchurater distortion , yellow Flanger , Vibe? , 2 Time Machine Delays

  3. From L to R:

    Vox Big Bad Wah

    Electro-Harmonix POG

    Unknown red/orange stompbox

    Vox Satchurator Distortion

    Unknown yellow (Maxon ?) stompbox

    White stompbox – POSSIBLY the rumored 4th signature Satch pedal with Vox, the Ultimachine, which would be a replacement for the Fulltone Ultimate Octave in his rig

    2 Vox Time Machine delays

    Along the top appear to be 2 Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus units, and a Dunlop DC Brick in between.

  4. Easy stuff, i’ve seen it before !

    L to R

    -Cry Baby 535q
    -(no idea about the yellow pedal)
    -A prototype pedal
    -Time machine
    -Time machine

    I’m guessing this is his set, because i’ve already seen this pedals before on his set during tours…

  5. JS1200 Guitar > Big Bad Wah > EHX POG > EHX Micro POG > Satchurator > Ibanez Flanger FL9 > Phototype Timemachine or New Pedal > Time Machine > Time Machine > Black Thing > Peavey JSX Amp

    The two bigger black boxes are power pack rigs.

    The Fulltone Ultimate Octave has disappeared but I don’t remember that effect on the Chickenfoot album.

  6. I’m thinking it is:
    >> Gretch (main guitar)
    >> Zoom belt pack
    >> Line6 volume Pedal
    >> BOSS DD5 Delay
    >> Pro Co Rat turbo distortion
    >> Digitech tuner
    >> 2 Leslie cabinets (mini’s)
    Finally the signal goes through a world War ii radio
    system for that vintage-analog-bayonet tone…

    He always gets such a great sound – Stevie Ray is of my favourites

  7. No doubt, the 2 green boxes are VOX time-machines, the red one is the satchurator, the yellow one is probably some type of Boss.
    The orange one, I am not sure- it’s really hard to tell.
    The wah is either the Vox big bad wah, or as previously stated, the dunlop cry baby 535Q.
    Joe has been using that last one for decades.
    The mysterious white box between the satch and the time-machines is the latest co-op between VOX and Joe: The ICE 9.
    It’s an overdrive featuring the beloved “more”-switch, just like the satchurator has one.
    Pretty cool to see Joe still uses two delay units, to create that ambiënce- thing he is so well known for.
    Note; I am going to finaly see the great satchmo live, October 29 @ heineken Music hall, Amsterdam.
    I can`t wait!!

  8. I think its
    -Vox Big Bad Wah,
    -EHX POG
    -EHX Micro POG (I think he uses the POGs in together to create keyboard-like sounds)
    -Vodoo Vibe (Uni-vibe/Rotary speaker style sound)
    -Vox Sachurator Distortion
    -Ibanez Flanger
    -Vox Ice 9 Overdrive
    -JSX 120 custom amplifier

    -2x Vox Time Machines in effects loop of the amp.

    I think thats it anyway, not sure what comes first the vodoo vibe or satchurator.
    ps. sorry for the bad spelling.

  9. Correction;
    The wah is the Vox “big bad wah”. From what I can see, there is some lettering on the pedal’s top.. None of the Dunlop’s have ever had this..
    The 2 orange boxes are indeed the Electro Harmonics POG and the Micro POG.
    The white one between the Yellow Ibanez FL9 Flanger and the 2 green time-machines is in fact the ICE 9, also by Vox. This is an overdrive pedal, NOT any kind of octave..The POG’s are what Joe currently uses for octaves.
    The black ones above are all power-supplies.
    The Ibanez Fl9 is kind of a weird little box: While most other stomps made by Ibanez are not so popular because -quite frankly- they tend to suck, The Fl9 Flanger, which first appeared in the early 80’s- is now the most saught after flanger in the world..recently Ibanez has decided to build a reissue. That’s good news to me,’Cause I want one.

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