Bugera 333XL Review – Massive Tone Machine

Massive Tone Machine

Bugera 333XL

Bugera 333XL is the ultimate guitar amp head for rock, metal or hardcore guitarists.

From its raw massive tone, to it’s tight articulate punch, this colossal power machine determines road-worthy and redefines reliability.

The Bugera 333XL amplifier comes with 3 distinct channels of controls and delivers a powerful 120-watts of madness. The Bugera 333XL comes with a rugged four-way metal case footswitch for channel and FX selecting.

Despite being a hardcore metal amplifier, the Bugera 333XL has a lighter side as well, you can effortlessly get a clean rhythm sound by simply rolling back on the guitar’s volume control. The Bugera 333XL has a nice edge, the valve amplifier provides low E-string articulation and crisp heart-felt punch. Make your fans rock wild, make them head bang… or make them weep. The Bugera 333XL is an all around great amp.

This is no ordinary amplifier

It’s more like an precise weapon. With the economical price of this valued amp, it will the competitors weep! It will give anyone a run for the money.

The 333’s killer power is generated from four hand-selected and matched Bugera 6L6 power tubes and four Bugera 12AX7 preamp tubes to add up for petrifying punch and mind-rattling gain.

A lot of amplifier company’s philosophy is to design and build small amplifiers because they think people can’t afford larger ones with all the bells and whistles. Hence they produce a small number of amplifiers with marginal quality. Bugera 333XL is the answer and works wonders with the new world of today’s guitar world. What else can be said about the new Bugera line? It’s a killer product.

Bugera 333XL Video Demo


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