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Fender Fails: Closet Classic Series Guitars Are Nothing New

Every year Fender attempts to recreate their classic Stratocaster or Precision/Jazz bass somehow. Whether they call it “road worn” and relic the guitar for you, or call it “closet classic” and make it with 100 year old wood with a post-CBS appearance, they never stray too far from the original formula. Fender is beginning to miss the mark in the guitar industry. […]

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Fender Passport PRO Hands-On Review

The Fender Passport series has been providing portable PA systems for decades, and the three newest models, dubbed the PRO series, make improvements where “the rubber meets the road” as far as musicians are concerned: […]

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Fender American Special and Standard Strat Review

It was 55 years ago that Leo Fender and his Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing company brought to the market the groundbreaking Fender Stratocaster, the solid body, three-coil wonder that would help re-shape the course of popular music. Never content to rest on its laurels, Fender has continually looked for ways to improve upon the successful Strat formula. This year’s crop includes brand-new American Special Series–a budget-minded line of U.S.-made guitars that sports many of the key features found on the prototype American Standard–not to mention some new variations on the old classic Strat itself. […]

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Vintage 1966 Blackface Fender Reverb

Fender Deluxe Reverb and the Fender Super Reverb are snuggle up right in with one another. Starting with the 1960’s Fender Pro Reverb amp offers a nice answer when the Deluxe’s volume isn’t loud enough for your application and the Super Reverb is way loud. […]

Lindert Baritone Guitars

Lindert Baritone Guitars Review

Lindert Baritone Guitars – if you have never come across a Baritone guitar that you could be forgiven for being confused by them. Just where do these long-necked axes with six fatass strings fit in? The actually live somewhere between a bass and a standard six-string, relating to those instruments much like a viola correlates to the cello and violin. The Fender Bass VI, designed by Leo Fender and introduced in 1961, is often considered the first commercial electric baritone. […]

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Fender Passport PD-150 & PD-250 Portable Sound PA System

They’re affordable and easy to tote, and they provide everything needed for a working PA in a package that’s about the size and weight of an average combo. The Passports multi-format inputs can accommodate acoustic groups, soloists, rappers, DAT-backed bar bands, deejays, or just about anyone […]