Vox Virage SC Guitar Review

Vox Virage SC Guitar

Guitarists are always on the lookout for high quality guitars that are built to rock, but are still comfortable to play. Very few of us like to lug around that 15 lb. Block of wood that we call a guitar, let alone play a one and a half hour set with it hanging around our necks, paving the way to the chiropractor’s office at an early age. And while you can get a light guitar that sounds OK for dirt cheap, you still don’t get the sonic perfection that only comes with a quality built instrument.

Vox, a company that is best known for its amplifiers, has concocted a wonderful guitar that blends superior comfort and playability with the high quality that professional players demand with the Vox Virage SC semi-hollow electric guitar.

The Virage SC was designed using some heavy duty 3D imaging with ergonomics in mind. The Virage SC features smooth contours and a double cutaway, which gives you unhindered access to higher notes, and an inverse heel for comfort. The Virage SC also sports Vox’s exclusive new Three-90 pickup system, which is a triple-coil pickup that combines the tonality of a single-coil, a P90, and a humbucker all in one while still delivering quite performance. Also, the Three-90 system is completely analog, which means you will never have to change batteries.

The electronics in the Vox Virage SC are all high-quality components, which deliver exceptionally pure tone, unlike cheaper guitars with cheap electronics that deliver a lot of hum and noise. Another feature that sets the Virage SC apart is the unique integral tone bar construction, which gives you the warm tone of a classic hollow body while still being able to deliver the attack of a solid bodied guitar.

With all of these appointments, the Vox Virage SC is a very nice guitar that is comfortable to play and delivers excellent tone. Also, the Three-90 pickup system gives you even more tonal diversity than most other guitars that just have a single coil/humbucker combination. The Virage SC would make a fine addition to your guitar arsenal. Go play one today!

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