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Bass Guitars

Eastwood EEB-1 Bass Guitar Review

Leo Fender invented the fretted electric bass when he released the Precision Bass in 1951 and the Fender bass has been the dominant force in the market ever since. There have, however, been a number […]

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Ibanez Promethean Pro Bass Guitar Amp

Ibanez Electronics has proudly extended its amplification arsenal, this time in the professional bass amp category. During winter NAMM 2009, Ibanez demonstrated their all-new Promethean Pro bass amp with the help of bassist Rufus Philpot […]

Fender Classic Series Volume, Volume-Tone, Phaser and Fuzz-Wah pedals
Bass Guitars

Fender Classic Fuzz Wah Reissue Pedal

There are few Fender products with as much “indie cred” as the Fender Blender. Once thought of as an overly harsh fuzz pedal, the Blender, thanks to players like Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and […]