Sterling by Music Man SB14 Electric Bass Guitar

Sterling by Music Man SB14 Electric Bass Guitar

The Sterling line by Music Man is designed to deliver classic Music Man vibe and performance at recession-friendly prices. The new Sterling SB14 electric bass is an excellent example of this idea and is a worthy choice for anyone considering a new bass while on the same old budget. The SB14 is built on a basswood body that is small, comfortable, and delivers great sustain. It has a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, open gear tuners, and, of course, the distinctive 3-and-one Music Man headstock shape, along with a satin finish (the body is done in gloss).

The bass also features a single Music Man humbucking pickup with a hidden phantom coil to help keep the RF noise down, so that a player can go from humbucking mode to single-coil without any pesky humming. There is also a Music Man-designed active preamp that is also very quiet and allows the operator of the bass precise control over low, middle, and high frequencies. The SB14 gets great reviews from players and is seen as an extremely cost-effective alternative to a full-on Music Man bass, which is out of reach for many bassists. With an MSRP of $849.00 which puts it on the street around $599.00, the SB14 is a lot of bang for the buck and should be affordable to many.

The Sterling gives players access to the classic, well-known Music Man sound, which is slightly scooped mids, a punchy bottom, and a lightly compressed quality that can be dialed up or down with the on-board EQ. The humbucking/single coil switchability adds another level of versatility to the SB14 and should win it even more fans. The SB14 is a great-sounding and comfortable bass to play, with a narrow nut width, slim neck profile, and a neck joint that allows for easy upper-fret playing. Anyone searching for a super new bass on this years’ budget will want to test-drive the new Sterling, as it delivers the goods we all need to gig, but at a price that will make even your wife happy.

And now watch the YouTube video demonstration by BassGuitarMag.

Sterling by Music Man SB14 Electric Bass Guitar

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