The Tone King Video Music Gear Review Channel On YouTube

ttk Video Music Gear Review Channel On YouTubeBuying music gear, especially online, can be a little tricky. It can be hard to know how something really sounds and how it performs in real-world situations just by reading manufacturer’s websites and eBay ad copy. The whole process should be a little easier these days, however, thanks to the new gear review video channel launched by The Tone King on YouTube. The Tone King is a completely independent gear fiend whose mission in life is to give you (yes, you!) the straight and skinny about the hottest and coolest music gear out there, from brand new to vintage. The goal is to let players see and hear what they are buying before they head to the closest music store or purchase online. He covers things like how various guitars and amps work together, the sound qualities of amps and speakers, and even head-to-head shootouts pitting one piece of gear against another.

The whole point is to help folks figure out what will work with the gear they already own or with what they are planning to buy. We all know that many things perform one way in the showroom and a whole different way in the rehearsal room, so being able to see review videos like this is a great thing. It’s this kind of information that helps buyers make informed decisions and not get sold a bill of goods by a floor sales person at a shop or just end up with something that doesn’t work out for their intended use. The next time you or your band is thinking about making a buy, be sure to visit and to make sure you have the right information to buy with the confidence that comes from knowing you made a sound investment in your musical future.

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  1. TTK is really cool chap doing just amazing job! He is incredibly helpful and his reviews are really useful!

  2. Really.The so called tone king can hardly noodle on the guitar. He appears to be some overweight middle aged man with seemingly alot of income which he can spend on music gear but has no talent to do anything with any of it. It seems like he will teview anything any no name company sends him and is used for free advertising. Not suprisingly he never has much if anything negative to say about any of the gear. Wonder why? Well, not really. If you want an honest you tuber who calls it like he sees it and actually knows geat and actually knows how to use the geat and play his guitar and can avtually play an entire somg check out Philip McKnight and his “Know your gear” you tube video segments. The tone king is merely a king of B.S. ! PERIOD

  3. I disagree. But each of their own. TTK isn’t a complainer and genuinely loves music gear. Each player has a class of equipment they can afford. Maybe some random Peavey guitar is garbage to you, but the perfect axe for 10 year old starting out. I’ve played a lot of cheaper/low end equipment, but I can make it sound better than some doofis playing his $3,000 Gibson through a Mesa Mark IV. You might not like TTK, but many find value in his vids.

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