G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar

G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage Guitar
Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is one of the most respected and influential players to emerge from the grunge movement of the early 1990’s and has maintained a presence in the guitar community long after many of his contemporaries ceased being relevant. Most in our world identify Cantrell with the beat-to-death G&L Rampage he has played for most of his career.

The Rampage was one of early G&L designs and was one of the first production guitars to capitalize on the Van Halen/Superstrat trend of the 80’s. The Rampage was made from 1984 to 1988 but only a few hundred instruments were actually constructed, making it a fairly rare piece. Well, good news, rock fans: G&L has finally knuckled under to market pressure and has made available the new Tribute Rampage Jerry Cantrell Signature model, which is an import, as well as a US-made version.

The G&L Tribute Rampage features a soft maple body just like Cantrell’s personal instrument, a 25.5” scale length, a quarter-sawn hard-rock maple neck with ebony fingerboard (an upgrade from the original) a 13.3/4 radius, and 22 medium profile frets. The hardware is black chrome, which goes nicely with either the black or ivory finishes available, the single Alnico V pickup is custom wound to Cantrell’s specs, and dive-bombers will enjoy the recessed Kahler 4300 X-Trem bridge and Floyd Rose locking nut, which provide all the whammy action one could possibly stand, staying in tune all the while.

All of this adds up to a guitar that can cover any kind of hard rock tone and style. It is crisp, articulate, and well-balanced and is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a stripped-down rock and roll machine that values function over form, although it looks pretty cool, too. AIC fans and all other rockers should make a beeline for their nearest G&L dealer and take a Tribute Rampage for a test drive today, although with an MSRP of only $850.00, it might be hard finding a dealer who can keep these hot rods in stock.

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  1. The Kahler flyer tremolo is the most stable tremolo ever invented. Top mounted and uses springs about an inch long. Its a rock anvil. Mine has been on my 1982 Roadstar for 30 years and its only needs to be tuned every hundred hours of playing. The Rampage is a superstrat like a charvel Jackson of the day, but bulletproof. No floyd.

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