Charvel San Dimas Guitars

Charvel San Dimas Guitar

Since the dawn of shredding, guitarists have searched for an electric guitar that easily lends itself to intense playing. When one decides to take the path less traveled (at least in mainstream music), gear becomes more than an obsession – it becomes life itself. For the shredder, a reliable axe that is simple, flashy, and built for speed is essential. Well, look no further than Charvel’s San Dimas electric.

The Charvel San Dimas is built for pure, unadulterated speed. It features an alder body, a one-piece bolt-on neck (which makes repairs easy after you throw your tantrum because the drummer can’t keep up with your speed) with a maple fingerboard, a top-mounted Floyd Rose licensed locking tremolo, mini Grover tuners, and Seymour Duncan pickups (the San Dimas 1 2H and the 2 2H have a JB in the bridge and a ’59 in the neck position).

With those awesome appointments, one might notice a couple things are still missing from the San Dimas, namely tone controls. The Charvel San Dimas has only a single volume control and a three-way pickup selector switch. This allows you to get the full effect from the Seymour Duncans. After all, who has time to fiddle around with tone knobs? The San Dimas is a plug-and-play shred machine.


The Charvel San Dimas is not exactly a new guitar. In fact, these are reissues of the original San Dimas “Superstrat” guitars that have been a staple of hard rockers since the 1980’s, including (but certainly not limited to) Warren DiMartini, Eddie Van Halen, Jake E. Lee, Steve Vai, and George Lynch. The latest incarnation of the San Dimas carries on a fast-fingered legacy that is sure to impress (if not influence) future guitar gods.

But what about the flashy looks? As if the guitar itself (and the ensuing flurry of staccato notes) weren’t enough…

Charvel has issued the San Dimas in four new custom colors, sure to please anybody who ever donned a pair of neon leather pants. Charvel’s San Dimas (as well as their So-Cal guitars) now come in Candy Plum, Polar White, and Candy Tangerine. Not only will your amps go to eleven, but your axe’s paint job will magically make you play better…and louder.

The Charvel San Dimas line of guitars are an awesome reissue of the original 80’s shred machine. Forget the Rogaine, you want one of these babies for your birthday!

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