Boss ST2 Power Stack Guitar Pedal

Boss ST2 Power StackBOSS U.S. is proud to announce the addition of the ST-2 Power Stack to its industry-leading compact pedal lineup. Boss ST2 emulates the sound and feel of a cranked stack tube amp. The Boss ST-2 is a unique type of BOSS distortion pedal, one that gives guitarists both the sound and feel of playing through a large, cranked-up, stack-style tube amplifier. This is accomplished through BOSS’ years of meticulous research in amp modeling, and represents a bold step forward in stompbox design.

As with all BOSS compact pedals, the BOSS ST-2 is very easy to use and built to last. The ST2’s key control is the SOUND knob—with this single knob, players can dial in three distinct stack tones, from fat crunch to punchy drive to ultra-high gain distortion, and every color in between. BASS and TREBLE knobs let the user add sweetening detail, while LEVEL controls the effect’s overall volume.


The BOSS ST-2 has an extremely versatile range of distortion tones and authentic stack-amp feel, and is ideal for guitarists of all playing styles, from classic rock and blues to raging metal amplifier attack. It’s perfect for players looking for a wide range of distortion sounds from a single stompbox, and for combo-amp and multi-effects users that want to add some real tube-stack mojo to their rig. Sounds great, how much?

The Boss ST-2 distortion pedal will be available in September: MSRP of $162.00.

Boss ST2 Power Stack Guitar Pedal Video Demo


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  1. I can’t hardly wait to Get my hands on the 2 new Boss ST2 and PS6 pedals! I have been using Boss pedals for many years and they have never once failed me! They are built like tanks and made to last! I still use my ME-50 every time I play along with several other pedals and I love the tones I get from them! Anyone who reads this and is wondering if Boss pedals do what they say they will,my answer to them would be buy one and you will not be disappointed at all. Sure there are more pedals out there that cost a LOT more,and some of them are great pedals,but most of the musicians that I’ve met want and need to get the most and best they can for the money! With Boss pedals,you get exactly that,”the best and most for your money!” No,I don’t work for Boss,I’m just telling it like it is! I’ve been playing guitar for 41 years and I’m still using most all of the first Boss pedals that I bought! I will say that I do favor analog pedals over digital ones any day of the week and twice on Sundays! And yes,I will only use tube amps also! Keep up the great work Boss!

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