Ibanez SR Series Guitar – Bass on a Budget

 Ibanez SR Series Guitar - Bass on a Budget
When last we met, I was telling you about the cool Squire Jazz bass I played AND that it only cost $299.00 (case/gig bag extra).

Well THIS time boys and girls, I’m gonna tell you about another pleasant surprise; the Ibanez SR series of bass guitars that also start at the $299.00 mark. I went to the other mega music store (on a rather quiet, thank God, Saturday afternoon) and strolled over to the bass department. There I met John who was trying out a Fender Marcus Miller Jazz bass (I run into that thing EVERYWHERE I go!!!!!). We got to talkin’ and he mentioned that he was lookin’ for a Jazz bass. I told him about Gear-Vault and about my quest to find a good inexpensive bass, suitable for a beginner AND an advanced player. John was certainly in the latter category so he was immediately recruited to offer his comments on whatever I took from the wall (remember, with permission. ALWAYS get permission).

I found a four string, sort of copper-orange SR 300 bass on the wall, that I guess because of it’s color, kinda called to me. My first pleasant surprise was how light this bass was. It’s body is made from Agathis, which is some Pacific Rim relative to mahogany. The neck is a maple/mahogany/maple/mahogany/maple sandwich with a rosewood fretboard that feels MUCH more expensive than $299.00. This thing had a great action, the frets didn’t slice your fingers, the neck was nice and straight, the two pickup “Sound Sweeper” controlled system had a bunch of very usable tone and the overall fit and finish was, again, hard to believe for the money. I would have no problem using this at a gig (ok, maybe not the ORANGE one!) and I’m certain that it wouldn’t let me down.

Now before I go on about how many frets, the neck radius, blah, blah, blah…and just bore the crap out of you, I’m gonna tell you this. If your parents are backing this little expedition that you’re undertaking (and as already discussed, will be forever!), have them accompany you to your nearest Ibanez dealer and check out EACH AND EVERY SR 300 Series bass in the place. Plug it into a good amp and play.

It don’t matter if you’re just a beginner or you can play everything Weather Report did backwards. I think you’re gonna like this bass. It’s a great bass to learn on and if you’re a pro and not a bass snob, you just might find a use for one.

Next time; “Short Scales Ain’t Toys”

Ibanez SR300 – Metallica Master of Puppets Bass Guitar Cover performed by algoie

Peace and Love…

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