Protection Racket Drum Mat Markers

Protection Racket Drum Mat Markers 1If there is one thing we all have in common as drummers, it’s that we all need a good drum mat to place our percussive palaces upon. Whether you go for hardware-store basic, Carpet store remnant, or even the well-haggled-over exotic Persian variety, a good rug is a must have for the drummer about town, even if it’s just a door-mat from some crappy bar in Iowa.

Since you’ve a working drummer, playing on multi-band bills, you know that time is of the essence; the quicker you can get set up, the more time you have with your adoring fans. One proven way to speed things up is to mark your drum-mat so your stands always land in the same place when you set up. The old method of course – Duct Tape and Sharpie– works OK, but as your set up evolves, that nasty gummed-up tape tends to stay put, unless you cut it off with a knife; or buy a new mat altogether.

The hot-shot, hit-men over at Protection Racket, in addition to having one of the nicest and most durable drum mats (you really must buy one!) on the market, have done it one better. It must have been an “A-Ha!” moment for them when they came up with the idea for their revolutionary, rudimentary, removable, reusable and remarkable Drum Mat Markers.

Drum Mat Markers are slick little pre-cut shapes, with a Velcro backing, allowing them to stick securely to your mat without glue or tape gumming it up. Each pack of Drum Mat Markers comes with thirty numbered stand-markers (each containing 3 sets numbered 1–10) which go under the tripod feet of your stands. There are also 10 corresponding markers for the stands themselves, so you’ll easily know which is which. They’ve even included bass-drum pedal and hi-hat markers! Now you can easily memory-mark your setup in minutes and make slight adjustments easily, until you’ve got a quick setup that is a comfy as that old futon you’ve had since college. Check for hot buys For more information visit their web site at

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