Fender Telecaster Stolen From a Casket [Haunted Telecaster]

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A Fender Telecaster was brought back from the grave, allegedly stolen from a casket of a 67-year-old Army veteran by a Wisconsin cemetery worker.

I chanced upon this interesting guitar related news at thesmokinggun.com. This is a good reminder for us gear heads to keep our “respect” to fine gear and instruments within a healthy and controllable level.

The Telecaster supposed to be valued at $2000 had been placed in the casket of the deceased Randall Jourdan to honor his wish. According to the family, Randall had been playing the guitar for 40 years and he made it known to them that he wanted to be buried with his “Pride and Joy”, his Fender Telecaster.

The accused, Steven Conard, is a 39-year-old worker at the Allouez Catholic Cemetery. The cream Fender Telecaster was found in the accused’s living room. When confronted by the police he reportedly confessed of the crime and said: “I just have a respect for fine musical instruments.”

Apparently, Conard could not accept the idea that a fine Fender Telecaster is about to go down the grave. So with utmost “respect”, he took it upon himself to save the instrument. The accused even mentioned his intent to his co-worker when they both first checked the casket. He remarked at how expensive that Telecaster was and if his co-worker would say anything if he took it. His co-worker thought that Conard was kidding, but he later found the guitar missing when he checked the casket for the second time.

After the successful recovery of the guitar, it was returned to Randall’s kin and the was properly entombed as per Randall’s wish.


The Telecaster Has Been Returned to the Grave

Fender Telecaster stolen from a CasketA deceased Wisconsin man who had his beloved guitar stolen out of his casket by a cemetery worker before burial will spend eternity with his beloved Fender Telecaster after all.

The guitar was returned to Randall Jourdan’s coffin over the weekend after the grounds superintendent was accused of taking it.

Family members say Jourdan’s hands had been wrapped around the headstock of the instrument as he lay in his coffin, a custom-built reproduction of one played by a famous musician, was Jourdan’s favorite.

Jourdan’s girlfriend said it was the man’s one wish to have it with him when he died.

Deputies learned of the theft Friday after cemetery officials reported the guitar missing from the casket.

The instrument had been in the casket when employees of Ryan Funeral Home transported the body Thursday to the suburban Green Bay, Wis., cemetery, the sheriff’s department said.

Funeral home employees verified its presence at the request of the dead man’s family before putting the casket in the diocese’s burial chamber.

A diocese employee became suspicious after overhearing another worker, Steven Conard, saying, “That’s a Telly, a really expensive guitar. I have to have that guitar. It’s too expensive to be in a crypt.”

After his arrest, Conard allegedly said: “This isn’t something I normally do. I just have a respect for fine musical instruments.”

Deputies said the instrument had a value of $2,000.

The cemetery said Conard has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, pending completion of the investigation.

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