Vintage Guitars vs Just Plain Old Guitars 1

Vintage Guitars vs Just Plain Old Guitars

There is a lot of fuss made in the guitar community about so-called ‘vintage’ guitars, ‘vintage’ being another word for ‘old’. There is a certain part of our world that longs to play a 30-, 40-, or even 50-year-old guitar or bass for a variety of reasons. […]

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Fernandes Native Elite Guitar Review

Although its body is reminiscent of a chubby Fender Jaguar; the Fernandes Native Elite is a decidedly modern guitar with a little hi-tech voodoo-namely Fernandes’ proprietary Sustainer technology, which offers virtually limitless sustain and rich, controlled freedback. Based on the company’s highly popular alder-bodied Native Standard […]

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Ibanez JS2PRM – Rare Ibanez Joe Satriani Chromeboy Guitars

In 2005, the JS2PRM was Ibanez’s third attempt to recreate the chrome guitar. Ibanez’s first two attempts, the JS2 and the JS10th, both were unsuccessful due to finish problems. The process of bonding a chrome finish onto a wood bodied guitar is an extremely difficult process. The JS10th (2nd attempt) a luthite body was used, which is similar to plastic, and the results were better than the original JS2 Chromeboys, however, they were still beset by water marks and peeling and sounded nowhere near as good as the basswood body. […]

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Hamer Newport Hollowbody Electric Guitar Review

There are some guitars that stand out from the bunch, and Hamer worked out a way to produce just that kind of instrument. Newport Pro is truly an amazing guitar that performs well and sounds terrific. You may safely head over to online music store and grab yourself one of these without ever trying it, if you believe your fellow musicians who gave this instrument the highest grades. Newport Pro really deserves those, and will surely make you a happy guitar player!

This guitar is fitted with all the features you could possibly wish for, for a playing style that goes with this kind of instrument. Carefully chosen features leave no guitar player’s desire unfulfilled, which makes Hamer’s Newport Pro an extremely well featured guitar with which you’ll be thoroughly pleased. Highest grades for Newport Pro’s features!

This beauty has virtually no flaws. Hamer surpassed their traditional level of quality and produced an instrument that is built great, and built to last. The finish is amazing and the hardware easily adjustable to fit any kind of action. The neck is superb and smooth while playing. Newport Pro stays in tune 99% of the time and responds well to various playing styles.

If you’re willing to believe your fellow musicians, then you should trust that Hamer’s Newport Pro is one highly reliable guitar, that will perform well both in studio and on stage. It is durable as well, given the fact that you take the usual care of your instrument. Newport Pro is really a great choice if reliability/durability is one of your concerns. […]

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Finding Vintage Guitar Rare Parts Online

If you have even one beloved vintage guitar, you’ve probably had to buy original parts for it at one time or another. You know the story: you bought an amazing 1967 ES-335 from some dude on eBay who swapped out the original top-hat knobs for speed knobs and cracked one of the pickup rings. Or you need some original spacers for your 1957 Telecaster […]

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Höfner 456 Vintage Guitar Market 500/1 [The Beatles Bass]

Höfner company was founded by luthier Karl Höfner in the city of Schönbach in 1887, at that time the city was German. He soon became the largest manufacturer of string instruments in the country. His sons Josef and Walter joined the company around 1920, and began spreading the brand’s reputation worldwide. The company suffered some upheavals during and after World War II, but survived and continued to thrive. The company built new factories in Bubenreuth, Western Germany in 1950. […]

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Gibson Byrdland Guitars – Confession of a Vintage Gear Whore

Gibson Byrdland Electric Guitar represented a handful of developments that were radical, even revolutionary, in its day. This model recreates the 1960 version that introduced the sharp Florentine cutaway, replacing the rounded Venetian cutaway of the original Byrdland.

Many working musicians of the fast-paced and musically adventurous ’50s required a new instrument—one that captured traditional Gibson archtop artistry and craftsmanship, but represented a redrawing of the blueprint for the needs of the day. Enter the Byrdland, released in 1955 after consultation with first-call Nashville session musicians Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. Outwardly every bit a Gibson, the Byrdland retained the traditional carved, solid-spruce arched top and wide dimensions (17″) of big-bodied jazzers like its predecessor the L-5CES, but was considerably thinner, at only 2-1/4″ deep. The electric guitar was here to stay, and Gibson’s designers quite rightly determined that a guitar that was intended primarily as an electric—rather than acoustic—instrument should be made in a way that would minimize feedback. Gibson created the Thinline series, which included the Byrdland partnered by the ES-350T, released the same year. Together they constituted the first of the new thin-bodied breed and launched a design trend for archtop electrics that would proliferate to this day. So successful was its design ethos, that it not only offered a popular alternative for jazz, pop, and country players, it also proved capable of cranking out heavy rock in the hands of guitarists such as Ted Nugent. […]

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Danelectro ’56 Reissues Single Cutaway Guitar

Danelectro has announced the reissue of the classic Danelectro ’56 Single Cutaway Guitar. The Dano ’56 is available in a number of different options. Lovers of the Dano singlecoil sound can pick up a ‘coke bottle’ headstock model in black or red/black crackle […]