Danelectro ’56 Reissues Single Cutaway Guitar

Danelectro ’56 Reissues Single Cutaway Guitar

Danelectro has announced the reissue of the classic Danelectro ’56 Single Cutaway Guitar. The Dano ’56 is available in a number of different options. Lovers of the Dano singlecoil sound can pick up a ‘coke bottle’ headstock model in black or red/black crackle.

A white version comes with gold hardware and the ‘bell’ headstock, first used in 1954 on the very first Danelectro logoed guitars. Meanwhile, those looking for a chunkier sound can pick up a ’56 with a single-coil in the neck and a humbucker at the bridge for . Available in red, black and aqua shades, these models feature the slender ‘dolphin’ headstock, which also adorns the ’56 bass. Read: History of Danelectro Guitars

All the new models feature masonite bodies and bolt-on maple necks with rosewood fingerboards – and the famous Danelectro Lipstick pickups.

The Danelectro reissued ’56 guitars are set to make their way into stores in March 2011.

Danelectro ’56 Single Cutaway Guitar

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