History of Danelectro Guitars

Danelectro guitars are highly sought after collectible items by discerning guitarists and are of extra-ordinary quality and style. The history of Danelectro begins in 1947 when it was founded Nathan Daniel primarily as an amplifier […]


Gibson Les Paul Vintage 1958 Guitar

Here’s a really cool vintage Gibson Les Paul article from GuitarPlayer that was published in 1994. Attached is the photo of the guitar and amp from the article. What’s in a color? Twenty-five grand, maybe […]

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Ibanez Fireman Cometh

Ibanez’s PGMFRM1 Paul Gilbert “Fireman” is, perhaps, the prodigy to the famous Ibanez Iceman. Like the Iceman guitar, the Fireman has the signature horn, however, the horn is on top instead of the bottom. The […]

Roland GR-500 Guitar review

Roland GR-500 Synth-Guitar 1977

The introduction of the Moog Guitar at this past summer brought attention of previous attempts to making guitars more vintage synth-like. The Moog Guitar Company didn’t create a guitar synth, per se, but with its […]