Carparelli Tele Guitars – Telecaster Guitar Knockoff

Carparelli Tele GuitarCanadian luthier Mike Carparelli, always one to push quality and design as far as they can go, has again surprised the guitar world with the introduction of the all-Canadian-made Carparelli Telecaster. These guitars are built using only the finest woods and component parts and are available only by custom order.

The Carparelli Tele’s are hand-made in southern Ontario and are competitively priced, which should make them attractive to anyone into this type of guitar who wants something that is truly special. Because they are made to order, they can be set up to be vintage or modern, depending on how each player envisions them. This is a chance for all you Tele guys out there to really have it your way.

Each guitar is crafted to Fender factory specifications, finished by hand, and shipped out in 100% ready-to-play condition. Bodies are swamp ash or swamp ash and Indian rosewood with double binding and feature string-through-body construction, a choice of vintage or modern bridges, nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, and matching stainless steel slot head screws.

Necks are made from quartersawn Canadian Big Leaf Maple or Indian rosewood with a modern C-shaped neck profile. The necks also sport stainless steel and brass bi-flex truss rods, a compound radius design, vintage Kluson-style tuners, Tusq nuts, and two string trees. Pickups are a choice of a few different Seymour Duncan models. These are, in many ways, the ultimate T-style guitars and will make any picker who loves this design very happy. They are not, however, available in stores so those into the idea of owning one will want to contact Carparelli directly to place their order. Visit Dot On Shaft for more information.

Carparelli Telecaster Guitar


  1. Dot on Shaft Guitars are a catalogue company that uses other people’s designs and work and just puts their logo on the headstock. Mike Carparelli has no part in the design or creation of the instruments. The Prestige Elite guitars are the exact same as the Carparelli Guitars only better because they come with Duncans. This is why both Dot on Shaft locations have been unsuccessul and closed down…

  2. The last thing I needed was another guitar!!!! I stumbled across a Carparelli S3 and at first it was the wicked finish that caught me. The single cut design is like no other and doesn’t come across as just another Les Paul copy. It has a rather cool looking headstock with a 5 piece mahogany/maple neck and the unique neck pocket are reasons this guitar stands alone. Mine has the Carparelli hand wound pickup’s and they sing. I love this guitar so much I want my name on it!

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