uni vibe

Uni-Vibe Inspired Effects Pedals

Multiple personality disorder may be a debilitating condition in humans, but it’s a delightful quirk in effects pedals. With small digital multi-effects pedal so prevalent these days, it’s always refreshing to check out a few […]


Orange OR50 Amplifier Review

Orange Amplifiers are frequently referred to as Britain’s first boutique amp manufacture. The company’s respective trade name Orange is known as a classic blend of Brit-type midrange punch and tight detailed top end. For a […]


Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Pedal

Forgive me for abusing the following line from rock history. ‘You wanted the beast…you got the beast!’   That is probably the most accurate way to begin describing the Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler, a […]

Front Page Gear

Twin Tube Mayhem Death in a Box

I’m always excited when new pedals are released. One of the more recent releases was Seymour Duncan’s Twin Tube Mayhem SFX-04, which is a balls-to-the-wall full-range tube driven distortion pedal jam-packed with welcoming features. It […]


Crate DX-212 Guitar Amplifier Review

With its brushed copper front panel, big black knobs and jellylike, illuminated keypad, Crate’s digital DX-212 looks like a Sixties vision of the future. The knobs (Master, volume, gain, bass, mid, treble. Channel level, effects […]