Fender Acoustasonic SFX

Fender Acoustasonic SFX II and SFX Satellite Amplifier Review

Fender’s SFX technology amps are the ultimate toys for players who thrive on lush, wet sounds. If Keith Richards is your main man, the heavily effected tones may drive you retching into exile. But for ear-candy fans, these units are a must-try. Whether you’re playing in your bedroom, strumming at the Latte Lounge or rocking at your local club, these sounds will take you and your audience to new, strange and extremely pleasant places […]

Bass Guitars

LightWave Bass Pickup System See The Light

First there were magnetic pickups, hex pickups for guitar synth, and piezos for that acoustic guitar sound. Now there’s LightWave Pickup System from Audio Optics, Inc. The LightWave is a departure from conventional magnetic pickup […]