Guitar Pickups Single-Coil vs Humbucker
Tech Ed

Basic Electric Guitar Circuits | Guitar Pickups 101

Passive (i.e. battery-free) electric guitar circuits are relatively simple and the possibilities for customization are endless. A basic understanding of pickups, potentiometers, capacitors and switches is all you need to get creative and take more control of your instrument’s voice on an electronic level. […]

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Bass Guitars

LightWave Bass Pickup System See The Light

First there were magnetic pickups, hex pickups for guitar synth, and piezos for that acoustic guitar sound. Now there’s LightWave Pickup System from Audio Optics, Inc. The LightWave is a departure from conventional magnetic pickup […]

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Fishman Rare Earth Acoustic Guitar Pickups

For years; acoustic guitars have been trying to perfect a system of amplifying their “unplugged” styling without the use of a microphone. Though many guitars these days come with built-in piezo electric transducers (i.e. pickups), players still complain of the harsh, brittle tone associated with those systems […]