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Kendrick 2210 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Not only is the Kendrick 2210 the best-sounding, best-looking and best-built Fender-style amp I’ve run across it also encapsulates two prevailing trends in musical equipment: a craving for the lost quality attributed to anything “vintage”, […]

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VHT Sig:X Amplifier Head Review

NEARLY 20 YEARS AGO, VHT paved the road for the modern “super amp” category by combining a high-power output stage with three fully independent channels and an advanced switching system—along with a host of other […]

mesa boogie diy homebrew

DIY Homebrew Mesa Boogie Dual Recto

This kid built his own DIY homemade – Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier (2 channel). He says it’s created from old Tesla music 70 amplifier parts. You can see more photos here. Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier […]

peavey xxx 2

Peavey Triple XXX II Rulz

Yes it’s a Peavey. Of course it kicks ass. But is the Triple XXX II truly an ear blistering apparatus never heard from before? NAMM 2010, where Peavey unveiled its predecessor to the Triple XXX. […]