Orange and DIVO TubeSync: Bringing Tubes Together

orange-rockerverb-100-amp-tubesHave you ever wanted to hear what a few EL34’s and some 6L6’s blended together in your powerstage sounded like? Orange Amplifiers has struck a distribution agreement for a new technology called DIVO Tubesync that will allow users to do just that!

You’re thinking impossible, right? Well, you heard correct. Thanks to the DIVO (Digital Intelligent Valve) breakthrough you can now mix EL34’s, 6L6’s, 6550’s, and even KT77 in your powerstage. It automatically matches the tubes for optimal performance, allowing your tonal possibilities to soar through the roof and subtracting the extra dough to have your tubes biased. This is really opportune and a great way to save money. Just pop tubes in and out of your amp and experiment with the different sound combinations.

Orange is marketing a line of their new Rockerverb 100s as “DIVO Ready,” equipped with digital tube tools already installed and ready to go in the amplifier. Although a deal with Orange, DIVO claims that this technology can be integrated into any guitar amplifier.

Did you hear that? ANY AMPLIFIER!

This means that I could finally throw some EL34’s into my 5150 II and be on my way to midrange madness! Maybe I’ll blend the 6L6’s with the EL34’s as I had described earlier…I’ve got a lot of options, and it really sounds like a whole lot of fun.

I won’t get ahead of myself as it’s unclear if Orange has the rights to this innovation. Reaching an agreement sounds like they do, but seeing the DIVO come outside of Orange amplifiers and available as a standalone addition to any amplifier is really what sparks my interest. Not everyone really enjoys the sound or the price tag of an Orange. Don’t get me wrong: they’re great, they look cool, but boy are they expensive!

When the DIVO Tubesync arrives on its own, I’m in. I can’t wait to try. Clearly a brand new innovation in guitar amplifier technology, this is something that could revolutionize tube amplifiers for years to come. It’s the year 2011, and we’re talking about modern tube amplifiers. Not really a phrase I thought I’d ever hear. With all this self-bias-self-checking-no-repair-shop-needed novelty, what else would you call it? The tube amplifier is becoming modernized, and it almost feels like an oxymoron.

Three cheers to no repair shops. Three cheers to blending tubes in our power amplifiers. Three cheers to the DIVO TubeSync!


  1. First of all you don’t “get your tubes biased”. The amplifier is biased to operate accordingly with the tubes. You do not bias tubes. I think you meant to say matched tubes or matched tube sets where tubes that have a similar rating are grouped together as a duet or quad for a particular application or desired effect/sound. Biasing is a adjustment done to the amplifier usually done when changing tube sets.
    I don’t understand all the details of this article because many questions are left unanswered but MESA Engineering has been making the use of diifferent tubes a part of their amplifier design for years and there is a patent on this technology . Its called “Simulclass” hopefully this company you refer to has done their homework about the patents mesa owns because they don’t let their patents be infringed upon and there are amps like the Roadking and Mark 5 using the technology now. Also almost all of Mesa’s amplifiers are self biasing and have been for 20 years. You speak of it as something new. Another patent owned by Mesa I am sure.

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