Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24

Paul Reed Smith has become established as one of the biggest guitar makers and most well-respected instruments out there today. US-made PRS guitars are among the best-build axes one can get at any price and have developed a devoted following. The company’s SE line, which is produced off-shore, has also developed a rep as an excellent bang-for-the-buck family of guitars and has many fans of their own.

One of the most talked-about SE guitars currently is the 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24, which puts classic PRS vibe on the market for a very reasonable street price. The SE is made from a mahogany body with a maple top and quilt veneer and a 24-fret wide/thin neck that makes everything one plays part of the comfort zone. Pickups are PRS humbuckers: a Vintage Bass in the neck position and an HFS Treble in the bridge slot. Controls are a master volume, master tone, and three-way pickup selector switch.

One thing about the SE Custom that has caused quite a bit of discussion amongst the PRS community is the company’s decision to use old-style PRS bird inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. PRS no longer uses its trademark bird inlays on its American guitars, having switched to an outlined bird design. There are some that feel that bird inlays of any kind don’t belong on an imported PRS guitar and that the use of them on an SE instrument cheapens older domestic PRS guitars that feature the signature inlays. No matter where you stand on the bird issue, however, the 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is an easy and excellent way to join the Paul Reed Smith club at a price point that won’t break the band or your marriage. Be sure to slide on down to your local PRS dealer and take one for a test flight before they are all gone. Discuss Paul Reed Smith guitars at guitar forum.

Check out the Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 review on video performed by KurTCurtis21 from YouTube.

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