Laney IronHeart Guitar Amplifier Video Demos – This Amp Rocks!

Laney IronHeart Guitar Amplifiers
Forged deep within the Black Country — the metal beating industrial heartland of the US – where the sound of metal guitar was born comes the IRONHEART.

With molten metal flowing through its circuits, IRONHEART continues the legacy begun decades before by Laney amps such as KLIPP and AOR, and hits you hard between the eyes like a power hammer from hell.

Designed to be a metal amp on steroids, the IRONHEART posses masses of gain, and features an all important active EQ. Like its 80’s metal predecessor the AOR, each IRONHEART channels feature 3-band EQ PUSH/PULL pots for extreme tone shaping and flexibility.

Along with a VARI-WATT feature, which allows the output of an IRONHEART to be screwed right down to less than 1-watt of its output, the IRONHEART also features a foot switchable Pre-boost function which works just like kicking in a gain pedal in front of your amp.

Laney Ironheart

Laney Ironheart Hands-On Demonstration

The Laney Ironheart is designed for the metalhead guitar players. The amp is available in either 60-Watt and 120-Watt versions (head and combo). The IronHeart features Pre-Boost and Enhance controls. It is a 2 Channel amp with separate Drive, EQ and Volume for each channel and shared Tone, Enhance and Reverb controls.

Laney Ironheart In Full blown Action

The Laney Ironheart amp features Pre-Boost and Enhance controls. As you heard in the video above, you noticed the Enance control tightens up the tone, which is perfect for high gain metal riffing. The Ironheart sports 2 Channels with a separate Drive, EQ and Volume for each channel and shared Tone, and, of course, Enhance and Reverb controls. The Ironheart is available in 60 or 120 watt models.

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